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  1. Yes. $0 Governments will not allow anything outside of their control. You may say I don't understand bitcoin. I say you don't understand life.
  2. I am pretty sure crypto will be implemented. Under their terms, not anybody else's. Unless we have a revolution, they have the means to control it, so they will 100% It has nothing to do with fear!
  3. I have said all along that no government will allow any system that circumvents the tax scheme and allows people to opt out. The naivety on this thread thinking they will allow it astounds me. They don't even allow barter!
  4. Lol Its 50 quid, not 50 grand its a bit of fun. You have my word i would pay up, i accept your word if you give it, no need for escrow accounts for 50 quid, lets not take up this thread, the bets there if you want it, if not no bother.
  5. I am good for my word, i will pay into your account if i lose, no need for escrow accounts
  6. So the bet is bitcoin below 2250 this year and you pay me, yes?
  7. If we don't see it closer to 0 than 4500 this yeat I will eat my hat.
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