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  1. Lived in Delapre for 5 years . Missus is from there and now despises the place as do her folks due to the poleski problems (Might I add they are far from tatooed fu**wits rather more sensible LEFT wing middle england) I would not buy a house for any amount in that dump ever......Harpole...Nice OK no worrries, same for many other surrounding areas, but Northampton. NO WAY,Finedon,Rushden,Wellingborough. Don't make me laugh. I wouldn't even live there rent free.
  2. Having bought (Before they caught up with the rest of the south) and sold (Before they realised it's a dump) In 'Fampton. I can rather smugly say that if it fits your life then it's not a bad place to live as house prices there should reflect on the fact that it's not very pleasant with a massive influx of more than unwelcome social hangers on. I'm not suprised at all that an auction sold only 4 properties out of 40 as most of them were Wellingborough/Finedon/Rushden etc which to be quite frank are awful horrid places that I wouldn't live in if they were giving the properties away. 'Fampton wi
  3. Sorry, couldn't see if it had been here before but a quote from Britain's most successful private landlady "Judith does not necessarily subscribe to the confusing theories behind property investment success; rather she credits her success on her simple approach to property investment. " Pah! all those confusing theories about house prices not doubling every 7 years. Who needs that rubbish. *****s
  4. Although I can see your point Focus in trying to wriggle out, you have to stand back and take a look. The construction company will not be in breach of any contract (Verbal or otherwise) until 2011 so I would have a good read through and try to find a different way to back out of a contract which you have signed up to.
  5. You should see the 1 bedroom single story ones.......
  6. Horrid Pikey house now £279,950 definately still needs another 30,000 to come off before it is sensible,my next door neighbours though has gone on for 400k. I'll see how he does with that and keep you posted.
  7. Northampton will severely suffer from any HPC because no-one really wants to live there. It has zero redeeming features and the only reason house prices there climbed was because the rest of the UK was more expensive than "It". Now the HPC is with us then peolpe must surely see that for the same price they could live somewhere nice and not Northampton. Spent a long time living there and sorry to sound non-PC but the place sucks. It's a Magnet for Eastern European Immigrants and to be quite frank, they are welcome to it
  8. "Fantastic" Anyone who even considers buying this is a *****
  9. 45K is not only possible, it is quite probable for the ones looking straight into the car park.
  10. Don't forget to factor in the ground rent for this "leasehold" place.
  11. I thought O' owned Northampton ! Beatiful view into the multi-storey from some of those Welli street flats Eh!
  12. My little mole tells me that Upton is now suffering with the lower echelons being placed in the HA accom there and the local constabulary are "Quite concerned" about the sharp rise in crime there. It's no suprise really. It looks like it will be a complete slum in 10 years time . If it isn't flooded that is
  13. If I'm right the Wellington street flats still have some that were never sold and that dump in Woolmonger street will be no different. You need a shower after going into that Morrisons and the "YMCA" place on the corner which is basically a homeless shelter does little to help the already massive crime problem in that area. 2 Hopes at £180,000 I think they added an extra zero by mistake.
  14. I seriously wouldn't go anywhere near it unless it was up for about 225000 then I'd be looking at paying 215000 it's a frickin' dump. No parking, shaded garden with service road (Kid's cider alley) running behind it. That's just some of the things that put me off the outside ! You'll be looking good for April I reckon.....
  15. It's an epic alright but v.boring . Wish I had a buyer like that !
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