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  1. the problem is investors can no longer cover even their interest only mortgages by dropping rents, is this a possible spark to ignite further falls. Time will tell , fingers remain crossed.
  2. Sorry dont know how to add link , on newsnow article from icwales mentioning our very own forum and much bear slant , is it written by one of us? or has the press started to change further? Someone please help out with link, many thanks tricky 04.44am 09/03/05
  3. Well spotted Booboo,, another anomoly on the london report "we expect prices to continue to fall over the coming months,.....but London market to recover fully by the year end.. Further on Hometrack greater london home price inflation -5%. so prices will continue to fall then miraculously the london market will recover by year end but greater london to be -5% for the year.. Is this a play on words ,, does recover fully by year end mean that december will not show a decline or the year to december will not show a decline. I am beginning to think the english language is being stretched f
  4. Good old straight talking Ozzies,, straight to the point, people have been sucked along on the crest of a wave.But it was ultimately their decision and they would not be complaining if prices continued to rise and interest rates stayed the same. Unfortunately for those who bought last year and those that are buying now are going to be the biggest losers.
  5. Many thanks , am I seeing it wrong or is there no scale on it??
  6. And that just about sums it up, in black and white,,and if aqnyone should know it surely should be them?
  7. It certainly seems that The Economist is also trying to provoke a debate with the title Still want to buy ? Unfortunately unless the rest of the press pick up on this I dont know how widely their viewpoint will be heard? Does anyone know if they have a forum that we can look at??
  8. Gtr hadnt picked up on that quote "buying in Britain today seems a poor investment" No sh*t
  9. Sorry dont know how th attach thread , but www.newsnow.co.uk/newsfeed/?name=Housing+Market "According to calculations by The Economist ( with help pf Julian Callow of Barclays Capital), House prices are at record levels in relation to rents ( ie , yields are at a record lows) in America , Britain ,Australia, New Zealand, France Spain, the Netherlands Ireland and Belgium. America ,s ratio of prices to rents is 32% above its average level durring 1975- 2000. By the same guage , property in OVERVALUED 60% OR MORE in Britain , Australia and Spain , and by 46% in France. Any thoughts ???? Sure
  10. Interesting figures folkestone in kent Jan 01 98 of 1607 total sales ie 6.1% jan 02 115 of 1894 total sales ie 6.07% jan 03 103 of 1680 total sales ie 6.13% jan 04 130 of 1553 total sales ie 8.37% JAN 05 34 GIVES PROJECTED SALES OF BETWEEN 406 AND 566 FOR the year realise late entries will affect but this is enormous difference for my area ie Folkestone in Kent. Dec 01 134 of 1607 sales ie 8.34% dec 02 165 of 1894 sales ie8.71% dec 03 178 of 1680 sales ie 10.6% dec 04 72 of 1553 ie 4.64% dec 04 would have expected circa 140 to 160 sales from historical analysis
  11. Derek ,,welcome its nice to have someone who is open about there portfolio and willing to give there opinion, have you read KOTC claim of 40% return,,? Any thoughts as to how he maybe achieving such results in this climate? Him being so secretive and all, Personnaly dont see it ,"excluding capital appreciation, depreciation" surely he must have bought when properties were 2 and 6 pence each.to make the differential between mortgage payments and rental returns. Any thoughts from anyone?
  12. Flick ,, know what you are saying and admit ,I dont think it is particularily likely , BUT at some point the BOE may think the Great British public just aint changing there habits .VIs keep talking it up, in a way its not what Joe Bloggs thinks , its what the establishment thinks and publishes. any thoughts?
  13. If the BOE feel their rate rises have fallen on deaf ears , what would the odds be on a 1/2 point rise in the near future to shock people into thinking we should pay attention A half point ,people listen alter spending,( short term pain) ,BOE leaves in place for 3-4 months , then drops 1/4 point to say well done ,you listened. Any thoughts ??
  14. Tester if this is the case what stops VIs artificially maintaining this index by always listing new properties at what the vendor wants, ie higher then reducing within 1to 2 weeks . Surely there must be another way of monitoring price reductions other than Haarts , any ideas any one..?
  15. Could it be that Halifax ,have seen a little light , they are a business ,existing loans are in the bag , yes a portion may go belly up,but if they think this is going to happen anyway ,and feel helpless to stop this .They still have the first call on the property . However if they do not have any new loans (ie FTBs at a reasonable risk ,ie lower earnings to loan ratios. that they can call safe ), they are effectively gambling on a lower proportion of loans staying safe for them/ In effect perhaps they need fresh mortgages and loans at reasonable multiples to prop up a high number of loans
  16. Very interesting interview, guy from primelocation ,a obviously realises he cant sell anything at the moment . guy from builders federation (vi) wants more houses built (sorry does he have a vested interest in that happening) guy from primelocation shot him down with ,homeowner % for UK being higher than most of europe,, .Every news bulletin top item today ,,I guess VIs want to make it a political issue ,Halifax admits FTBs cant afford to buy ,,whats that all about ,,,OH YEAH the truth!!!!! BUT FROM HALIFAX?????????????
  17. With you OB but I think it shows a move away from "property can only go up philosophy," be interesting to know who is going to front it.
  18. advert in Daily Mail pge 81 21/01/05 'WANT TO SAVE THOUSANDS ON YOUR NEW HOME? "itv are looking to give homebuyers a crash course in getting their dream house for a bargain price.We,re looking for individuals /couples interested in new development houses/apartments, who need to learn how to haggle. then gives contact ross charnock (0161 827 2408)" Looks like ITV think it will be easier to get brgains in the future,,, how long does it take to film these series and get to air? Sorry if this is old news
  19. great link This would make an interesting graph perhaps same time each day over 3 months,with % of total properties ,as number of properties may drop off, due to speculative post xmas vendors,, now up to 793 Will definately keep eye on this ,
  20. Looking through local housing rag , I compare each week with my base weeks 29/10 and 9/12/04 One estate agent has same properties listed as NEW Pricing on 9/12/04 and 20/01/04 is this allowed.surely it no longer is a new price/ also of the 42 properties I can see that were advertised on either of these dates 33 are the same price and 9 (21% ) are reduced .realise this is a very small poll.But its there in black and white ,obviously not all properties are advertised every week ,with so many properties on the market. reductions... 139k to 129950 x2 new builds 189k to 179950 127500 to
  21. Sticking by their guns,,but allowing for even more of a decline,, interesting,,whats the history on this group? Just off to read the whole report.. back soon
  22. They only owed a couple of grand ,but his grandmother told them how to get out of paying their water bill by setting up a standing order then decreasing it to pennies. This is typical of SOME offspring being the mirror image of their parents. He decided he could not go out to work for less than 15k a year because that is how much all their benefits were worth to them :angry: :angry: Still managed to afford their cigarettes so life cant be that bad for them. Just another couple playing the system to their own advantage, leaving us poor smucks to allow their dosser lifestyle. Makes me ki
  23. what part of the country .???.. these figures are for Shepway Kent..anywhere near.. haven't seen your post where is it what are your thoughts?
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