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  1. I am not convinced the problem is EAs. A Percentage of a house sale with 25% off is better than no house sale at all. I hope you have a plan b, as surely your 12 years of waiting was obviously wrong. Just think you'd be about 50% through your mortgage now.
  2. If running a successful nation is bribing someone to vote for you, then yes she is guilty. Though if anyone actually bribed people to vote for them it was Labour, giving money away for nothing, creating pretend jobs. Personally, I see me voting BNP in future. I am very disappointed with this new Government, and it is clear they are just as lieing, inept and pathetic as the previous one.
  3. No its not. Neither Employers or Employees NI is paid till income exceeds £5715 PA and only on the amount over that limit.
  4. In what way did Thatcher fail? I remember things being a lot better under her, and her winning 3 elections in a row. The policies at the time inspired people to work hard and be self sufficient. Today we have policies inspiring people not to bother and be dependent on the work of others. Sorry but what this should really mean is low taxes, where I spend my money on what I want. Those that dont work dont have any money to spend. Sounds fair to me.
  5. I live in the north, that's for a 4 bedroom detached house. As a single fella how many bedrooms do you think I need exactly? Though If I were you, id spend my time sorting out your dead end life on benefits rather than trying to make snotty comments towards me.
  6. But thats all well and good as a theory, but we have been saying the same for years! Even if you say it was only from 2005 that's 5 years of rent (its more like 8) So either £36k (5 years) or £57k ( 8 years) for me personally. The house I like now is £200k, 10 years ago it was £97k. Its now impossible for me to get back the money wasted in renting. A point comes where you have to realise you were wrong and move on.
  7. Well as a renter, the big fail in this argument is concerning retirement. Are you going to work for all your life to be able to pay rent? The ideal position is to buy, pay off as soon as possible and then have the vast majority of your income as disposable.
  8. There is no austerity, there are no cuts being made. Budgets for years into the future are still greater than the budget for previous years. You are being fooled if you think otherwise. We have been in a recession for years, maybe even decades. There has been no growth in our economy, just an increase in government spending and debt. That is not growth.
  9. Just becus you're poor and cant afford a house and are savings as much as you can, doesnt mean that everyone is in the same boat.
  10. Masters of the land Always get our share Clear away the barricades And we're still there!
  11. Yeah, theres a big demand for their worthless degrees elsewhere. That's the real problem. People doing expensive but useless qualifications at the tax payers expense.
  12. And those miners were crushed, starved and soundly defeated. Just like the students.
  13. How can it cost anything? A day at work producing nothing is just the same as a day off producing nothing.
  14. That's right. The only way to fix the problem is to make people dead. I predict WWIII in my lifetime.
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