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  1. up down up down, never mind, just keep buying a coin every now and then
  2. this is the problem, the bankers order liblabcon to keep bringing the immigrants in. as the house prices go up in london and the south, people cash by selling up and moving north. this is pushing up prices in the north and is starting to cause overcrowding in the north. people need to stop voting for the three parties.
  3. The evil bankers are trying to do to the car market what they did to the housing market.
  4. Havent posted on here for quite a while but saw this poll and i voted for a hard brexit. Liblabcon want to remain in the e.u as they work for their masters, the bankers. The bankers want more immigrants flooding in to keep wages low and fuel their house price ponzi scheme. We need a hard brexit and and zero immigration policy with the only exception being doctors(on a temporary basis until we train our own.)
  5. Dont buy into the media propaganda that we re all living longer. The media propaganda is to persuade us i to believing we will not get a pension and will have to work till we drop dead. We should not accept this and with political will it dosnt have to be this way. Email your mp everyone and DEMAND they LOWER the retirement age.
  6. More angry than ever. Looking forward to voting ukip on may 7th.
  7. yep. just keep on buying a coin every now and then.
  8. I agree that people with lots of kids get too much in benefits and that should be cut but at the other end of the scale , a single man does not receive nearly enough in benefits to live on.. ids should not be in a position of power. the solution is NOT to take benefits off people . the solution is to chuck out all the immigrants forcing employers to raise wages and MORE importantly conditions to attract brits back into the work force.
  9. why has it taken so long to happen? I was shopping at aldi 15 yrs ago. I suppose it takes a long while to change peoples perceptions a lot like politics it is taking a while for people to stop voting liblabcon.
  10. I will only use a manned checkout on principle. I will only pay by cash on principle. The banksters want a cashless society so then they will have total control.
  11. I am voting ukip. If you vote liblabcon you will get liblabcon.
  12. these articles are mostly written by sarah o'grady. I recon she's desparate to talk prices up cos she's petrified of losing her buy to let empire built on debt. she is really annoying me now .
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