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  1. Today on the programme they said that you won't sell your home unless you have an up to date TV set!!!!????
  2. Maybe he should relist and start at 99p. Always works.
  3. A bit like South Cornwall then, but Shropshire is still far, far cheaper than here.
  4. I thought it was known as Weston super Nightmare!
  5. Nice weather always brings people out. I was over on the Roseland Peninsula on Sunday and it was chock-a-block (normally as dead as a dodo). It was a nice, warmish day. The local pub was heaving. Let's hope for a good summer.
  6. Why has he taken his clothes off and what is that white thing in pic 3? My hubby wouldn't do half those jobs he quotes.
  7. More rubbish by the BBC. I cannot believe that woman on the programme today. Couldn't even be bothered to tidy her house and garden - disgusting! What makes her think that anyone (with a brain) would want to buy her house? I bet it's still on the market now and probably will be forever! Surely, going down to the local market to sell your house is the fastest way to frighten people away! Would anyone seriously buy a house after being accosted in the street?
  8. Ever heard of perceived value? It actually does work because people are so naive.
  9. Howabout a 3 course meal for the special price of 99p!! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/7840421.stm
  10. I reckon Rock is a fashion thing - a bit like Sandbanks. People are suddenly waking up to things. I mean, for £2million, I would want facilities, not just a seaview. Grew up with living on a clifftop. Been there, done that.
  11. Yes, well Leeds is a massive city. You would expect that wouldn't you! If a large city goes quiet, call the marines.
  12. All I can remember about Eastbourne is that everyone is over 80! That was 20 years ago though. Is it still like that? Packed to the rafters, as you say, but they are all drinking their half of pale ale. Have the London commuters now invaded the place, snapping up all the seafront pads?
  13. I go into Mannings Bar (which is the Royal Hotel's bar area) occasionally, which has had a bit of an overhaul, as has the hotel recently. Very expensive. The food appears to be overpriced (like everywhere in Truro). I am not sure about the accommodation. I have heard good and bad reviews. Unfortunately, you had a bad experience which I am sure will put you off for life. I caught the norovirus down my local pub. You never can tell what is going to happen when you venture out of your house.
  14. Yes agree about Padstow totally. What on earth has happened to it? Used to be a lovely little fishing village. Not anymore. Just rubbish, fish and chip papers and a vicious gang of seagulls s****g everywhere. The buildings need to a good paint job too. Falmouth has a similar problem.
  15. I thought the town was supposed to be cleaning up its act by shunning these sleazy stag and hen dos?? They are not doing the town any favours IMHO.
  16. It's strange how it's possible for people to get so emotional about something they don't own (even when it's bought, it's technically owned by the bank in most cases). It's amazing how many people forget about that.
  17. Going to Reading and into Surrey in a couple of weeks, so will be interested to see what is happening in that neck o woods.
  18. Don't come to Cornwall, it's as dead as a dodo. All the restaurants (well in Truro, which is the county's city) are virtually empty and that's at the weekend. Plenty of restaurants and bars still opening up, but I really can't understand what planet these restaurateurs/bar owners are on. Do they think they are immune from the downturn? Prices still very, very high for eating out and drinking. No value for money at all. Give them a couple of years and the sign in the window appears 'closed until further notice'.
  19. I am sure if you wait, it will become available again.
  20. There are only a few who speak Cornish and most of them are over 90, so unless schools put it on the curriculum it will die out for good. Yes, prices here are still strong. The market apparently, has picked up again. Houses that have been for sale for a while in my village have started to shift, although, one does not know at exactly what they sell for, unless you wait for 3 months and look them up on www.houseprices.co.uk
  21. Wargrave is very nice, but where on earth do you go to escape the main road? Used to go to Twyford a lot when the antiques shop were there.
  22. Shhhhhhhhhh! If it's that good, everyone will want to live there!
  23. Having just read the property pages of the West Briton newspaper, it appears prices are still strong and from what I can see, still rising. Certain agents are reporting an increase in sales for January, but I suspect, buyers are extremely cautious and fussy in what they are looking for.
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