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  1. Is there any work around at the moment in Cornwall? I think everyone is hiding under the bedcovers hoping for better prospects and a decent wage, but unfortunately, in Cornwall a decent wage doesn't really exist. The Pier House was very good, although a bit pricey for what it is. I guess they can get away with it because of the location. Managed to get a £95 room down to £75, which was still too much for a dark, back room with a small window that overlooks a wall! Food very nice, but portions way too big. Staff very friendly, but a little pushy. There are currently ongoing refurbishment works
  2. Visited Bracknell the other day and wondered why they have not rebuilt the town yet? The old 3M building looks like a meteor has hit it? I find it strange for an area which is great for employment, but has no soul. Does anyone actually go out at night? I lived there back in the 80s, but I don't remember it being this bad. Does anyone know if regeneration is going to take place in the near future.
  3. Will prices come down enough for FTs though? What's the point building luxury apartments in an area with no infrastructure? What does 'luxury' actually mean? It is the norm these days. It's like saying hot & cold running water or colour TV (outside B&Bs). Going to the Pier House Hotel tonight for dinner, so looking forward to that. Luckily, someone else is picking up the tab.
  4. Prices in south Cornwall still appear to be strong. Properties that have been hanging about for a while are beginning to shift. However, prices do appear to be all over the place. I think most of them are made up. Went to St Austell today and was appalled at the place. Still building the town! I hadn't visited for two years! Most of the shops are gone or are struggling to attract custom. No-one appears to have any money (the Pound shop was busy), yet, I stopped by an EAs window and found the prices ridiculously high for an area with high unemployment. As for first timer's, I don't think ther
  5. Does anyone who posted their thoughts back in 2005 still think the same today?
  6. After reading the initial post four years on, I think they are now all moving back! Good old Blighty isn't so bad after all.
  7. Not surprised. Used to be great 20 years ago, but now the recipes have changed beyond recognition and it is now muck, putting it politely.
  8. I have just used it. It is far better than Rightmove, so thanks for that.
  9. Does anyone know of a property website, where you can key in more detailed search options, such as 'Regency house' or 'grade 2 listed', for example. Rightmove's options are too generalised.
  10. It's got the obligatory trampoline in the back garden - what more do you want!??
  11. I know exactly what I want in a property and if the property was right and I wanted it and a chimpanzee was showing me round, I couldn't care less. On the other hand, first time buyers probably need a guiding hand as they wouldn't know what they are looking at because they believe everything should be brand, spanking new - kitchen and bathrooms - and if it is not at least 100 ft long with designer fittings, they don't wanna know.
  12. Went for a drink at one of our local bars/restaurants. Drink is very expensive. Almost £5 for a small glass of wine. Thought about eating there, but then decided to visit a new fish & chip shop just opened. Fantastic. A huge portion of fish and chips. Lovely tasty, crispy batter and huge chunky flakes of fish for just under a fiver. A bargain!!! They have opened right opposite Wetherspoons, where the food is the worst in the country. No competition here then.
  13. Isn't it the EAs job to make the sure the rooms are photographable? If they are happy to take a pic of mess, then best sack them on the spot.
  14. What has happened to the editing facility? ...........If your house is presented properly and your agent is professional it will help to sell it - as long as it is not overpriced. Simples.
  15. I always go by the way they present a property. What are the photos like? If the pics show piles of clothes on the floor and clutter scattered about, it means they are not really interested in presenting your property in the best light, which means they are messy in the way they operate. Simple.
  16. It is very easy to pay over at auction and maybe in this instance she did. The auctioneer must have been delighted.
  17. I thought you could buy a whole street in Liverpool for that price!
  18. Ok, the garden is a mudbath, but it has huge potential and will look lovely once planted up.
  19. I am not familiar with the area at all, but on looking at first glance, it seems to be a very well appointed solid period house. I would say it is hideously overpriced, but finding high calibre properties is very hard. Maybe that is why it is priced that high. In Cornwall expect to pay this for a lousy, dated bungalow with sea views. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...ncludeSSTC%3Don
  20. Cheap food is king. Everyone needs to eat, but have a certain amount of budget. Alas, some don't really consider their diet to be important and would rather spend the money on a new plasma screen.
  21. I've noticed the takeaways are doing a good trade. I guess that is because a) it's cheaper than eating out in a proper restaurant, People don't eat proper food* or c) can't be bothered to cook. *I am referring to burgers/pizzas and the like.
  22. My local is also a great village pub, but relies heavily on its food. The small restaurant is full most nights, but the food is average and expensive for what it is. Fillet steak is £20, but that is what you have to pay everywhere in Cornwall!
  23. I see he has brought his price down and converted to dollars .............. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/English-House-Hubby-...A1%7C240%3A1318
  24. That explains why I couldn't sell my cottage a few years ago because I didn't have a TV at all. All the viewers were very concerned about it even though there was clearly an aerial lead in the corner ready for connection. Luckily for me, I can look through all the crap and have a brilliant excuse to put in a low offer.
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