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  1. Who cares what your home is worth? If you can afford the repayments and you are happy there then it is your home and that's all that matters.
  2. When I lived there 20 years ago, they were talking about redevelopment then! The pubs back then weren't that bad. The Bull in the centre was quite good. The shopping was never very exciting and I would usually go elsewhere on a Saturday. I would compare it more to Beruit, but without the sun, only a smog haze.
  3. God, that's so cheap. You'd be lucky to get a sad old bungalow for that in some parts of Cornwall.
  4. On a recent visit, popped into the Red Lion. Was extremely lucky to get out alive! Surprised to see Bentalls is still there.
  5. Since there is hardly any reasonable work in St Ives, that's hardly surprising!
  6. They deserve to lose out. These investors are just greedy, very, very greedy.
  7. The coastline of Cornwall is changing fast. No more fields reaching the cliffs, but empty high rise blocks (ghettos) with vegetation growing around them and the winds whistling through the broken windows. Costa Del Sadness.
  8. I think we have another Spain scenario.
  9. What is the nightlife like in Bridport?
  10. How the developers have the nerve to charge those ridiculous prices is beyond me!
  11. tplatt

    My Parents

    To have a second home with no mortgage is a good position to be in. My parents have always had a nice home and have invested wisely in their choice of houses over the years, which has kept them above water, but they are now on a basic pension and their savings are dwindling fast as they cannot earn any interest on it. They are currently living in a house which is worth a small fortune, but they don't intend selling it any time soon in order to release some capital. They have a caravan and spend many months every year travelling the country in it. They are very content, healthy, quite frugal
  12. Why are there always teapots with no lids at jumble sales?
  13. I put a wobbly old ironing board outside. It was virtually falling apart and just about usuable. It got snapped up! Amazing.
  14. Plonk something outside your house with a sign saying 'free' you are guaranteed to get rid of it.
  15. I don't see what's wrong with a garage sale, so long as it is just your garage and not in your house! You need to advertise it well in the local papers a week beforehand and put up some signs, which hopefully, your local council won't remove, like they would here in the UK as they consider it an 'elf & safety' thing.
  16. It's a shame - Sunday mornings aren't the same anymore. I do buy from and give to charity shops and have found some good bargains
  17. Oh no, that's so frustrating coming home with a full car, especially when you have had to load it all up in the first place, get up at some unspeakable hour in the freezing cold and stand around for hours. There must be more to life!
  18. What a gorgeous house. Just the sort of thing I want. Unfortunately it is in a diabolical location, so I won't be buying it. What do they mean by link detached? I thought that was a modern house thing.
  19. Do jumble sales still exist. I thought everyone had wised up? Haven't been to one of those in years.
  20. Always check prices on Amazon. You will probably find prices are cheaper than eBay.
  21. I have found car boots/antiques/secondhand markets in Cornwall are sad for both buyer and seller. The last car boot I did as a seller was a complete disaster. I had really good quality stuff - silk lampshades, antiques, pictures, etc. and I couldn't give it away. In the end, I took it all down to the charity shop. Never again! As a buyer, there is nothing but rubbish. I have also found that there are more dealers than buyers in Cornwall.
  22. That is typical of Camborne. Horrid, cheap, nasty place, full of horrid, cheap, nasty people. No disrespect to your wife or her friend. Truro has some great restaurants and bars and my hub and I frequent the town quite often, but there is no buzz. The majority of the venues are empty (even on a Saturday night). Something wrong somewhere. Falmouth is no better. No soul. The town is swarming with yob students, but they don't have any money and what money they do have, they spend in Wetherspoons.
  23. Yes, but remember - location, location, location - everytime. The whole experience of Truro is stressful, driving, parking, shopping. The only time it is not stressful is in the evening, when the place is dead.
  24. Poor old Redruth, it is such a shame. I do shop there quite frequently. It's great for charity shops/second-hand places and the greengrocer is good value. There appears to be lots of upgrade/refurbishment going on to the buildings/pavements, etc. I hope it is all worth it. Maybe people will realise one day that Truro is just too stressful and a rip off and shop in the smaller towns. Boy, do they need the business!
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