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  1. There is someone who drives round an area picking out certain properties suitable for listing. They describe what they see and make an assumption on the interior as they don't go inside. I have discovered a website, which lists all the listed properties in the UK. The description of my property is not correct. I personally think it is an infrigement of privacy as they have taken a photo without asking permission. The website is http://www.imagesofengland.org.uk
  2. There is nothing wrong with modern day things like central heating, its when period features get ripped out that annoys me. Mind you, if you put central heating in an old cob cottage, it will dry out and fall down. They need plenty of ventilation, so you will have to put up with draughts and wearing two jumpers, as well as a blanket round your knees on a winter's evening, but you make up for it by having a nice roaring fire and toasted crumpets. Things don't seem that bad after all.
  3. We have had quite a bit of work done to the exterior over the years and have not consulted anybody. We had our front wall, which faces the road, renovated, which is a vast improvement to what it was before, which was just slabbed in cement with no drainage holes, new iron guttering and wooden gates. We are now going to have the front of the cottage repointed. It was repaired back in the 60s with cement. At last we have found a great local tradesman, who does all our work and he has quoted us under £2k. We have found it is difficult finding any tradesmen in Cornwall, who actually know what t
  4. Our listing description only describes the exterior, not the interior. However, I have been told that that has changed now and it now includes the interior. If that is the case, then why have we not had an updated description? Some of the interior was modified back in 1967, i.e. the staircase was moved to one side of the room. Would I need planning permission to put the staircase back to where it was originally?
  5. I suppose we could fight our case, but it was listed back in 1988 and too much water has passed under the bridge. We would love to have double glazing - obviously, proper hardwood sash ones. I would never put in cheap plastic ones, which are out of character. I can't seem to find anyone locally who could make us some which the council would approve. Unfortunately, we cannot have secondary glazing either because we have shutters, which we do close every night as we don't have curtains. I don't understand folk who insist on ruining a beautiful old property, whether it be listed or not, by putt
  6. I live in a grade 2 listed cottage in Cornwall and it is a money pit. Not just because it's listed, but because it is 150 years old! One day, a letter falls on your doormat from the Secretary of State, informing you your property has been given a listed status from a certain date. That's it. Nothing can be done. I like originality and so would only do sympathetic work anyway. Personally, I would not buy listed property that needed alot of work though and I know council areas differ. I think the listing thing is a bit of a joke. I am not sure who makes the decision of what to list and what
  7. Did not see the programme, but have seen other ones. I personally think GC is very talented as are most architects, as they come up with a plan the layman cannot comprehend. There are several ways of interpreting this. a) The owners are just thick b ) They don't care if they borrow tons of money they don't have. Unfortunately, that appears to be the approach of alot of folk these days c) Why not get an architect to draw the plans and then a builder in to do the work d) Choose the furnishings yourself with the help of an interior designer if you are really that deranged, you can't work out
  8. The towns are ghost towns most nights, whatever time of year it is. Any that are busy are just dives. Sorry, but the truth.
  9. ASDA pizzas are just stodge. Obviously, you have never experienced eating a proper one.
  10. Sorry, but you can't beat the English country pub. Propping the bar up and having some intellect on a Sunday lunchtime.
  11. Having said that, they are the only agent I would use to sell my house! They are the only ones who seem to know what they are doing, since I have used lots of other agents in the past and they all appear to be useless!
  12. Not really very familiar with east Cornwall, so can't really comment.
  13. Half an hour drive from where?
  14. Ahh, the sea, I wondered where that had gone. That flat has obviously taken it all. What with all the drunken orgies going on in the town, you would be lucky to get 50k for it! It's up with the most greediest EA, so hardly surprising.
  15. Half an hour drive to where?
  16. What sort of thing are you after - i.e. what type of property, what facilities do you want?
  17. After just looking at Rightmove, I have to eat my words. I can't believe the ridiculous, overpriced property on offer. Don't know how they justify it. The agents are having a laugh.
  18. I should imagine Callington is very cheap, so if you are looking for a family home, it should be at a reasonable price. One important point to remember - location, location, location - and Callington aint.
  19. Cornwall is always busy. Never ending droves of people from all walks of life. However, they don't appear to be spending in pubs or restaurants much. Most of the visitors are too healthy - i.e. cyclists, walkers, campers. They come into our gastro local and order a glass of bottled water. Not much profit here.
  20. You've summed up Cornish property quite well!
  21. I didn't realise there was no garden. The views still look good though.
  22. Those maps are very deceiving. They usually get the spot completely wrong.
  23. Overpriced - are you serious? Snap it up now. Knock it down and build a palace. Asking price £4 million. Easy.
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