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  1. Redruth has been having 'potential' for the last 50 years! It will all be done 'drekley'!
  2. Only if you are no more than 4ft 3"!
  3. Why would you want to steal just one wheel? While you are at it, why not go for all four?
  4. I see prime location shops in Truro are starting to close down which had well known high street shops occupying them? What does this mean?
  5. Whereabout are you thinking of buying in Cornwall. The county varies enormously.
  6. Isn't there going to be a huge development near the new Richard Lander School and also another development at Higher Newham? Not forgetting the new ring road which bypasses Highertown, where they are to build there also. Maybe it will be put on hold for the time-being due to the state of the property market and the impending recession. With the schools already full and the roads at bursting point, maybe it's time to go against the influx tide and move out of county. North Devon is quiet (at the moment).
  7. Well, without getting too technical, the councils will pass anything. Give them a backhander and they are well happy.
  8. All we need now is some decent wages and there maybe a very slim chance to buy a commune.
  9. That's cheap. Expect to pay £2million for something similar in Cornwall!
  10. Truro in Cornwall has suffered rip off business rates, rents and council tax for years! There are hardly any individual businesses and those that there are, either pack up and go after a year or they are shunted down an alleyway away from passing trade because that is all they can afford. Just another boring generic town!
  11. I think that's one of the pictures that's been doctored using computer imagery???????? Looks pretty dire to me.
  12. I only wish I could agree with you, but you have to remember why it is cheap (well cheap to Londoners, but unaffordable to the Cornish) is because there is no work and what work there is, it is minimum wage work. Falmouth has a college and a university, so there is a huge student population. Alot of the houses you are referring to are student lets, which is probably why they are cheap because who would want to live next door to commotion and a squat? Falmouth has become very run down in some parts, although, saying that several new shops and restaurants have moved in. Cornwall bucks the tre
  13. Is the house on a completed development? Are there others living there? If the answer is no, then do you really want to live on a building site for years with no-one else around? Just a thought.
  14. What on earth is going on in Newquay these days? These tenament blocks popping up like mushrooms! Not exactly the South of France is it? Cold winds in an exposed location. When will the deckchair be put out on the verandah? Who is going to buy these so called 'luxury' apartments? How many rich surfers do I know? Er, none! There is no infrastructre in Newquay and certainly no jobs offering 'realistic' wages! Give someone a reason to want to go there at least! I find the whole scenario quite repulsive! Please excuse me while I throw up.
  15. Any property (except a flat) which is positioned on the clifftop is in demand and sells at a premium. Name your price. I live in a village between Truro and Falmouth, where there are only about half a dozen properties for sale. A couple have been on the market a very long time, others get snapped up as soon as they come up for sale and asking prices are still very high. EAs have always promoted second homes in Cornwall. The property market has always been a false one for as long as I can remember. It appears that 'out of county' buyers all want the same thing - a very large house with a se
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