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  1. I don't really post here any more - used to be sure and sold my house, realised a couple of years latter that is was not happening and bought again, got really feed up with being called a troll for my opinions and decided that this is not a balanced site as if you don't believe in HPC then you have no point in posting and being abused for your opinions - personally I just pop in occasionally and have a look, the opinions now seem very similar to the HPC opinions 8 years ago - I am just glad I did not listen and used my own opinions in the decision to buy again as prices have gone up
  2. Latin was for corrupt political types, effete elites, and PB scholarly wannabees
  3. this thread was started 1 year ago - thing were good when this was moved to the troll section - the troll was right. But thing's might not be so good now but they are not down 30% - some reports show it still on the up?
  4. Last crash – I got quotes for a rear extension to my 3 bed semi – I did not find it any cheaper (it was near the end of the crash) – in the end I did it my self as they wanted 10 grand for a 3m x6m room – so my advise would be get the timing right – do it when times are really bad – before they have had to thin employee’s ! As a note the builders around here are still very busy – just had them in to remove 2 walls (£4000) – and they quoted £60000 (ish) for the loft conversion for this place – I am going to wait at least 2 years – before getting another quote
  5. Time to drag up an old post (note posted date 2005) – This thread was obviously started 3 years to early – maybe in another 3 year house prices might start to come down – things are slow in HPC world
  6. I did not think HBOS was at any particular risk - I am surprised the banks have taken such a battering - I think I will be picking up some bargains soon - they seem just so cheap / really cheap - anyone know more about the risks from these banks - they are not like NR after all ???
  7. With what – Credit is still easy at this moment not trying to second guess NR in the future Houses do sell better and prices tend to go up at this time of year until summer Crash years away YOY long way from negative My grammar and lack of spelling / writing skills They are not asking a million – just 3.2% more than last month – if you follow this for long enough you will realise what right move say today the land registry will follow with 6 months later
  8. Unfortunately the credit is there (think you can still get 10 years fixed at 5% as well as loads of 100%s)– all this report points to are high expectations of sellers – the sheeple don’t set the prices – the estate agents do – they don’t price them out of reach so they expect to sell them. Houses always sell better at this time of year (spring bounce anyone) – YOY is still a long way from going negative – interest rates are still likely to come down more – crash still a long way off if you ask me – hope you are all very happy to pay rent for a long time as well as knowing that you will need t
  9. 40% seems optimistic / very optimistic- even in the last crash – prices did not drop that much (?) – some people will do well on their investments – I just think most won’t – and even if the investments are good then timing the crash might not – I personally was about £30000 down on my STR experience – timing and good investment is the key Although investing in a cake and icing business could be a good investment idea
  10. This will all take time – STR works best in short time scales – if you are not cleaver with your investments it would be easy to loose more money in rent than you would have by just buying. As far as I know there is no Ferrari price crash site – and I believe prices are as stable as ever – so the lack of easy credit has not started a FPC even though a Ferrari is a luxury – a house is not – give me a call when the FPC starts – maybe the HPC will follow
  11. I think you have to look at the last crash to get a real picture of the amount of speculation – from a low point of the last crash I believe the population has increased more than the amount of houses being built – not enough to stop a crash but enough to lessen it
  12. I am with the population argument – to many people not enough houses – plenty of pent up buyers – we will need more than a little credit restrictions to start a crash – it’s still possible to borrow much greater than your earnings – no trigger yet
  13. I was going on the line that lower interest rates give you less income to pay rent – 8 years (3 to crash + 5 till bottom) paying rent could make you poorer than buying before a crash – also I don’t think there is any proof to your saying “too little money chasing too many houses” – I know there is a index (don’t know which one) which below 90 agrees with what you are saying – I guess that it is about 80 at the moment – but it’s no proof yet. HPI always heads south at this time of year – give it a couple of months before I would be so sure – HPI could easily make 5% from this point to the en
  14. So your not at all worried that interest rates are likely to come down this year – say we have some more problems in the stock market – I see it that in the short term (3 years ish) that we will follow America with lower IR – and more than likely that housing market will continue / in fits and bursts – I know that rising house prices shouldn’t make you buy – but would you – especially if it was 3 years to the start of the crash and 5 year from that to the bottom
  15. What is a better investment – sticking £200000 STR fund into gold and stocks – or borrowing £200000 for a house at a time when house prices are likely to go down – at least with a house you will always have what you paid for – and if you can not afford it – you just declare your self bankrupt – my advice is if you are going to borrow – borrow big – ideally you would have done this 10 years ago yep - my jap fund is - well - great - shall I buy more!
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