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  1. hiya Boozy babe can I ask where your house is in Ireland? When I lived there 2 years ago we were paying euro 850.00 a month for a 2 bed house in Dublin 7 and we got it cheap cos a friend owned it. It should have been well over a 1,000.00 a month if we had gone through an agency. euro 540.00 seems a bargain for a house !!!
  2. Hello Househunter Hope this bit of news cheers you up! Today I telephoned a well known developer selling new properties (dunno if I am allowed to say who it is) and explained I was a FTB with hardly any mortgage - what can she do for me? She told me the apartments had gone but there are houses for £149k !! Laughable - I cant even afford the apartments. I said thanks but even if I could get more cash together - what deal can she do? She said she would drop the price £20k !!! Fab eh? I did have to ask twice though! I dont think we would have heard those words said last year or t
  3. Great Stuff !!! I will do the ones in Manchester city centre, M1 to M3. There are dozens of estate agents here, but I can only post them before or after work at which time they will be closed.
  4. Great stuff !!! Once finalised I will be more than happy to post it into the 6 estate agents on my home from work. It should give them something to do, they look bored rigid !!!
  5. Hiya guys To my delight I found a terrace house in Walkden, M28 on sale for £49,950.00!!!!!! Can you believe it??? I thought it might only have 3 walls and no roof, but according to the details seems to be in pretty good nick, but has since been sold. All the other terraces around Walkden are on sale for between £75,000 to £120,000. What does this mean? Does anybody know? Is it the sign of things to come or just wishful thinking? lenny
  6. Sorry guys I know this is off topic so I will make it quick. I know girls who I went to school with, who at the age of 16 had their first child, followed by another, followed by another. They dont work. They are now in their middle/late twenties. I also know a family of 9, mum, dad (aged 35ish) and seven kids. The parents have never worked and have no intention of working. Because the father has a large family he needs to earn a substanial wage which matches his dole. So the job centre cannot offer him low paid jobs. I believe everybody is entitled to benefit, but the people that play th
  7. Where is the justice? My mum has worked full time all her life from the age of 16 apart from 8 years where she worked part time because she wanted to spend four years with myself and my sister as she believed the first four years of a childs life were very important. She has now been told she wont receive a government pension because of this??!!!! I know people who have never worked a day in their lives since leaving school - what will happen when they retire? You bet your **** they will receive a government pension and in the meantime they are living in council semis with sky dishes a
  8. I am a FTB and also a qualified professional earning a staggering £17,500 a year !!!!! My partner earns a lot less. We have visited banks and yes we can get a mortgage but what is stopping us from buying is the area. The only area that have the cheap houses are next to the rough council estates (I know some council estates are nice, but the ones near us are terrible). I would like to start a family in a couple of years and don’t want to be bringing a kiddie up in an area where junkies leave needles on the ground, my house is being constantly robbed and we all fear for our sa
  9. I lived in Hulme about 6 years ago in a rented yuppie house with friends. At the time a woman was murdered around the corner. She was dragged out of her house and stabbed in the throat on the street. Also our local pub had a drive by shooting - nice!! You would have to pay me go and live there again !
  10. Hello all Did anyone get the Salford Adveriser?? There is 40 pages housing section - tons and tons of property for sale and rent. Lots are reduced and no chain !!!
  11. Another reason I gave up expecting house prices to drop in ireland was the SSIA set up by the government. When that matures all the loonies with money in their pockets are gonna put the money back into the housing market and push up the prices again !
  12. I know !!! She kept chewing my ear off - then asked for my phone number. I told her I didnt have a phone. The only way I could end the call was to give her my address so she could send info out !!!! I'll let you know how many properties are on her books - bet she has hardly any - i mean if they are flying off the shelves !!!!
  13. I spent 5 years in Dublin waiting for a house crash so we could buy. Instead house prices just kept rising and rising. Lots of people were buying second property and remortgaging including my partner's family. More fool them. Everybody believes interest rates wont rise EVER Even my boss, Partner in a law firm, said it would never happen. She has bought 3 properties Both myself and my partner looked into getting a mortgage. At the time I earnt 40k and was told we could have a 200k mortgage however a terrace house is 300k. In the end we gave up and moved back to the UK last year
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