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  1. This is an interesting question. There is a bit of confusion on this thread about the difference between a survey(or) and a value/valuation, but leaving that aside. Colley's is a huge panel of surveyors and valuers, and it is owned by the HBOS group. Now if you're HBOS and you want to lend a bit less whilst still appearing to be in the market and making an effort to lend, you may let it be known, to the company you own, that lean valuations are the order of the day.
  2. Good for you Nelly, and I'm right with you on that. I think this is why the Equity Release market will grow massively over the next decade. Good folks like your parents who want to enjoy their old age, may have limited income from savings and pensions - for varied reasons, but they want to stay in the house they are in. No need to move into oldie accommodation because they are healthier than our grandparents were and can afford to pay for necessary modifications. This sort of money could go a fair way to replacing the mewed cash that's been propping up the economy of late.
  3. That payment should drop to £100 by March. How old is she? My mum is 61 and widowed, in a not dissimilar position. She missed the window to downsize and my advice to her was to get some money out of the house and p1ss it away on cruises, knitwear and small dogs. Are your concerns mainly about your inheritance?
  4. I think the govt. just starts writing big cheques for grand projects and that it filters in to the economy. Along with that they give their pocket banks a few more billion in pretend money and make them lend it to people who will spend it on stuff.
  5. You've done all that since Newsnight has been on. Can we meet for a coffee some time? I'll pay.
  6. Yes that is exactly right because that is how they decide these things. Did all of you clever chaps read this article and fail to spot that the 65% LTV applied to BTL only on NEW BUILD? I find that hard to believe, unless you subconsciously screened it as it was at odds with your world view. Let me tell you why they've knocked NEW BUILD buy to let down to 65%. It is because the only people dumb enough to buy new builds (particularly flats) as a BTL are the ones that are getting hefty kickbacks from the developer. e.g- Flat values at £100k developer will chuck you £25k as an agency fee. mortgage lender stumps up £75k because you paid the £25k deposit, he doesn't know you or your company got £25k from elsewhere as the agent fee. Shockingly it can still be done legally, the bigger house builders won't do it unless you're buying volume and closing a site, but the smaller house builders are all over it. They are knocking the LTVs because they know full bloody well that the sale price is but a distant cousin of what money is changing hands.
  7. Does it mention how Nationwide pulled all their existing tracker products off the market within about ooh, 170 seconds of the rate cut being announced?
  8. The reason you would pay is that over the life cycle of the mortgage it is cheaper to pay a high fee for a low rate. I understand how some people would see it as a con. What is definitely a bit dodgy is that the fees can usually be added to the loan, no small change when they may be 2.5% of the loan and you add 25 years worth of interest on.
  9. I don't disagree with the overall thrust of your argument, but I sometimes feel it's important to pick up when a 'bear' gets their facts wrong and I'm pretty sure there never was a 100%LTV mortgage for 4%, I can't think of them being much less than 6% unless you were a graduate or professional.
  10. Thanks Bloo. So is that about the same as a year ago? Is it a fairly consistent figure over the last few years. I don't actually believe that anything other than a severe drop in the number of houses for sale would even begin to touch prices, it isn't the relevant issue, but it would be interesting if a lot of people had taken property off on the basis that they feel they can 'sit it out'
  11. You're being a little pedantic there, clearly the OP is referring to the number of properties on the market, rather than in existence. Does anyone know if it is the case that less houses are up for sale now compared to a year ago? It's a shame that his 10 reasons were so lame because there is a case for anyone who wants to own their own home in the next 5 years to start making plans. Not to buy now but to get a good idea of what is around and what prices are being achieved. By the time the consensus of this board calls the bottom (some die-hards never will) it will have passed.
  12. “The [bonus] numbers will be very large and very difficult for the general public to understand.” That's where you are going wrong Red me old mate - you don't understand. Far too complicated for the likes of you.
  13. Apologies if this has been posted http://www.mortgageintroducer.com/mortgage...om_already?.htm Make sure you ignore it and anything else which may be providing information that is off-message. Do not attempt to assess any evidence that may be contrary to the belief that house prices will fall by a further 60%. This way when the 'bottom' is announced (on this forum) you'll know it's time to buy.
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