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  1. I'd like to point out that when making a TV program like this, you don't go for the people who are consciously grateful for their benefits and looking for ways of get off of them. Also.. you may be unaware, but the whole non-pensions benefit system is at best 1/6th of the total tax take, so you are going to have to elaborate on your plan. (And to clarify, I am fed up to the back teeth with people making stupid, innumerate claims that the state can just be scaled back by some vast amount with no consequences. Do the maffs. ). The plan of using the stick of starvation and desperation to force people into doing anything for money, well, it might work. And giving council officers powers like that, that'll be just like the lovely 1930s means tests. Perhaps the workhouse for those who are really down on their luck? The interesting thing is that when we had full employment, we had far fewer problems with welfare dependency. Specifically, when a person could better themselves - buy a house, save a bit, etc - through hard if only moderately skilled work, we didn't have these problems to anything like the same extent. You may wish to consider that.
  2. 27.. Bit misleading though, I had a couple of years working, and if you are a PhD student you have a teaching workload which you are effectively paid for. (Indeed, 8 hour's helpdesk work, 8 hour's lab tutorials, plus ad-hoc Computers course support and a week's lecture course to give, for a total income of perhaps £7k a year..
  3. ISIS are prepping their invasion force as we speak, 3 rubber dinghies, 6 blokes with bits of wood with nails in them. I'm sure IDS will manage to coordinate the defense.
  4. Nah, just clicked the Facebook 'Ms X made £3 gazillion working from home 1 hour a day!!!!!' link. Porca Miseria and Ms X are the only people doing it, for some reason.
  5. By all accounts, the Wilsons have been doing the bare minimum maintenance and upkeep - and a lot of those 2005 era newbuilds will have end-of-life combi boilers, cookers, and carpets. At least based on our experience of buying a newbuild in 2000 and moving in 2006 - by then the boiler was on the blink, the cooker was on it's way out and the downstairs carpets at least needed replacing. And that was owner occupied. So anyone buying that portfolio might be looking at perhaps another £5 million in repairs and upkeep straight off...
  6. Indeed, as a 41 year old male I'm looking at these tables with a slight chill. At least my plans don't include earning a lot of money past 60.
  7. More google research.. http://www.ssa.gov/OACT/STATS/table4c6.html (US) So - You have a 99.3% chance of reaching 1 97.3% chance of reaching 30 95.8% chance of reaching 40 92.6% chance of reaching 50 85.7% chance of reaching 60 72.9% chance of reaching 70 49.4% chance of reaching 80 And behind these figures will be those who have ill-health and have to stop working. It's certainly a gamble to plan to be working till age 70.
  8. More and more stock transferred to privately owned property 'empires', so only the very well paid can afford to buy at all. Ever more complicated shared ownership/HTB style schemes. Restricted supply dribbled onto the market.
  9. 'We intend to work till we are 70' Well, there's a table here: http://www.nationmaster.com/country-info/stats/Health/Probability-of-reaching-65/Male This suggests that if you are a man, your chances of reaching 65 are only about 4 in 5, never mind still being in gainful employment.
  10. I think that the average 5 year old is probably more trustworthy than the average Banker.. But yes, I do see it as a gigantic confidence trick, and one that makes 1970s-era industrial bailouts/nationalizations look widows-and-orphans prudent..
  11. I suppose it would be impolite to ask why this kind of systematic risk is still allowed to exist six years after we had to perform a gigantic round of bailouts due to systematic risk?
  12. 1 - 'Taking money by force' and 'Arbitrary theft' are essentially synonyms as far as I am concerned. You need to explain if you think otherwise. 2 - Not people, you, because of what you posted. The simplistic 'Tax=Taking money by force=Wrong' argument is simplistic and takes no account of wider context, and is therefore immature, much like the Marxist phrase 'All property is theft'.
  13. Statement: You are an ignorant and immature internet 'libertarian' Reason: Equating taxes with arbitrary theft, as if this makes a deep political point.
  14. Because we don't live in Libertarian FantasyLand. There's several hundred years of political philosophy - indeed more than that, going all the way back to The Republic . Wailing and stamping your feet about taxes whilst completely ignoring the benefits of living in a civilized country is just immature, to be honest.
  15. The thing is, if our political parties could be trusted to openly put alternatives on the table for the NHS, it would be worth looking at them - there is no law of nature saying the the NHS is the best system ever. Problem is, they seem more interested in farming out revenue to their donor's private healthcare companies with zero transparency and no penalty for failure.
  16. Half of take home pay when rates are at historical lows..
  17. So I buy 25% of a property, but 20% is lent by the government so I only have to pay 5% of the price (using an IO mortgage). Imagine how high you could get prices with that...
  18. Yes, it's like a lot of the coalition policies. Nibble around the edges, make the system more complicated and therefore put in more ways to game it. Hit a few people disproportionately hard.
  19. We had a flooding report as part of the survey when moving in 2006. So, yes.. Before moving, we looked at some new builds.. flat land, river perhaps 100 yards away - typical flood meadow. Suggested to the EA that there might be a flood risk to buying and they were all 'No, no, no, can't possibly happen..' The only excuse is that unless you happen to be a map geek with an interest in the subject, either you won't understand the risk maps or will tend to skip over them, since you only get the report when you are already a couple of weeks into the whole process.
  20. This one in Sandbanks gets cut off and probably sunk with +3m http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-31583257.html So there are some upsides..
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