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  1. Love David Smith, wrong more often than a stopped clock.
  2. Just to clarify, at 30 years the debt would grow to £248,900 Any periods of high inflation would easily whack it over the million mark. And they've systematically pedalled this deal to children ffs.
  3. Wow, no one ever seems to ever do the maths on this horrendous scheme..... Interest rate on the old system running at 1.5% p.a. To quote the new system "From 1 September 2012 until 31 August 2013, the interest rate for ICR loans taken out in 2012 will be 6.6% (RPI, plus 3%)." Let's say, new student graduate has borrowed 3 * 9K fees + 3 * 4K living costs Interest clicking away as follows. 6.60% 1 39.00 2.57 2 41.57 2.74 3 44.32 2.92 4 47.24 3.12 5 50.36 3.32 6 53.68 3.54 7 57.23 3.78 8 61.00 4.03 9 65.03 4.29 10
  4. With QuidCo you could start with the Aston Martin at beginning of week, pawn you way through each less expensive item in turn, just about have enough cash for a designer sandwich by the end of it. Nobody would guess.
  5. classic repeat yesterday with the couple moving from fulham to house near grantham half way through they bid on a wreck with a 450k guide. krusty asked them for their top dollar (600+250 rennovation) bid accepted (hooray) .. they agent mis-mailed them the list of all bidders and their bids. second highest bid very close to the guide. classic. http://www.radiotimes.com/episode/g5bn/relocation,-relocation--series-4---4-pj-and-hereward krust and phil - the agents double agents
  6. If its an older property in Brighton, google "Bungaroosh"
  7. http://blogs.wsj.com/deals/2011/02/02/bill-gross-this-is-not-gods-work/ Hits the nail. Finance Industry is a Utility - Shuffles and Skims the wealth generated by others. Pretending it's vital to the economy is confusing the rude health of a massive Parasite with the near death if its Host.
  8. Total farce "New Lending" includes increasing loan facilities, rather that loan facilities actually taken up. So, banks just do the rounds of their clients who don't borrow money, and sign them up for bigger overdrafts. Bonuses sorted.
  9. Whole area is right on sea level. May well be uninsurable and unmortageable
  10. How big is the problem? 70B doesn't sounds a bit passe in these days of monster bail outs Problem is, Eire population is approx 4.5m. I make it 160K per man/woman/child
  11. Yes, point three. Now the big players are calling FRAUD and wish to be made whole again, could be tricky for banks to eat ALL of their own sh!t. I'm lov'in it!
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