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  1. There is no warming. Average temperatures have dropped for the last nine years. "Global warming requires GLOBAL solutions...." "Global industries like banking need GLOBAL regultion and GLOBAL GOVERNANCE structures"..... New World Order anyone? By popular demand, driven by campaign of fear..."Two months to SAVE THE WORLD/WORLDFINANCIALSYSTEM..." Something stinks here,deffo. Nick Nick
  2. Don't worry. Lots of liquified gas has been put under the North Sea (in convenient spaces left by the oil) so that the UK is sorted. Nick
  3. This hottie surely did.... From The Times September 22, 2009 Music teacher Helen Goddard jailed for lesbian affair with pupil (Facundo Arrizabalaga) Helen Goddard A music teacher who had a lesbian affair with a 15-year-old pupil will be allowed to continue to see the girl after she is released from jail. Despite the parents’ fears that Helen Goddard, 26, will try to rekindle her relationship with their daughter, a judge rejected a prosecution request to ban the teacher from seeing the girl for five years. As Goddard sat crying in the dock, Judge Anthony Pitt said that it would be draconian on the girl, who turns 16 next week, to impose a sexual prevention order banning the teacher from seeing her. The court was told that the pair were still in love. Goddard started the relationship with the child after teaching her to play the trumpet at a £13,000-a-year public school for girls. During their five-month relationship, Goddard, known as “the Jazz Lady†at the school, had taken the child on a secret romantic break to Paris, where they went on a Gay Pride march. She even had sex with her at the homes of both the girl’s separated parents. Related Links Does Helen Goddard belong on the same register as a rapist? Girl's parents 'betrayed' by lesbian teacher School teacher accused of sex assault When police raided the teacher’s London flat they found various sexual toys including vibrators and fluffy handcuffs. Mobile phones seized showed that they had exchanged hundreds of obscene text messages. Goddard broke down in tears as she was told that she would serve half of a 15-month sentence before being considered for release. In a statement read to Southwark Crown Court, the girl’s parents said that their daughter was now “the subject of intense teenage curiosity†and because of the “immature and impulsive actions of Miss Goddard had been deprived of the opportunity for the normal development of sexual relationsâ€. In response to the request for an order banning Goddard from seeing the girl for five years, the judge said: “I am conscious of the fact that whatever one thinks about what happened in this case, the girl appears to inevitably have suffered from what happened and this matter coming to light, and I have her interest in mind as well when I decided not to make this order. I think it would be draconian and unnecessarily cruel to her as well.†It is illegal for an adult in a position of trust, such as a teacher, to have physical relationships with those they are responsible for if they are under 18. The affair came to light when a parent wrote to the school, which cannot be named, reporting the affair and urging them to act quickly. Goddard had become a popular tutor after beginning teaching there in 2006 and starting a jazz group. She was warned by her department head to be careful of becoming too popular as some children might compete for her attention. It was claimed that it was the girl who had instigated the relationship with Goddard, who had studied music at Trinity College of Music, London, and had been one of only five young English musicians invited to play at the opening ceremony of the Sydney Olympics in 2000. The girl told police that they became intimate after sharing their problems over coffee and on walks on Hampstead Heath. In a statement, the mother said that it was first thought that Goddard’s influence was good. “She appeared to be thriving and happy for the first time in a very long time,†she said. “I felt that the allegations were a vicious rumour and I couldn’t believe any teacher at the school could do such a thing.†Regina Naughton, for the prosecution, said: “They began to have feelings which were not expected. Miss Goddard said she didn’t see her as a 15-year-old and they would have to wait until she was 16, or for three years. But flirting and the sending of text messages to each other began. The teenager described them kissing and then sleeping with each other, and it was at that point that the girl said she wanted a sexual relationship. “The girl was told that if she felt anything was uncomfortable at any time they could stop. But the girl said it felt right,†she added. During a trip to Paris the child told her parents that she was staying with her sister when in fact the pair had checked into a hotel and gone on a Gay Pride march. Anthony Heaton-Armstrong, for the defence, said that Goddard was very remorseful for her actions and the psychological injury caused to the pupil. Goddard admitted six specimen counts of inappropriate sexual activity with a child between February and July 2009. She was disqualified from working with children and ordered to sign the sexual offenders register for ten years.
  4. The top awards-say 110k, are very few. These are reserved for the heads of the (two in Scotland) Royal Colleges. All awards are given via open competition on a standard application via panels which contain lay memebers of the public, CEOs of trust etc. and for most doctors refelect work done OVER AND ABOVE THEIR CONTRACTED HOURS. The higher awards go to those running clinical trials looking for cures for cancer, vascular disease, dementia etc. and often these doctors do little or no private practice due to time consraints or personal choice. Yes. We are just like politicians and bankers. So pay us what you pay top bankers-give us a rise. OK seriously, part of our culture that's wrong is a refusal to value people who make a difference. This sentiment makes life worse, not better. I bet the author thinks it is value for money to pay player x 40 grand per week to play for Celtic. Nick
  5. Patients who endure f*ck -ups are also taxpayers and have a right tobe transferred to ITUs etc. as much as anyone else. Arguably moreso, as they pay more than the average tax. We don't do tattos. Fertility is very tightly rationed..... (gays and lesbos only...only joking!) The first people to be rationed should be thosewho do not contribute. The poor, unemployed,single mums and their children...... see where this gets us?? Nowhere. I hope for your sake your Jesus saves you! Nick
  6. Precisely. As I write this-from an ISTC- the guys who run the company that do these ops' in our area have their porsches outside. Crap operations on easy cases AT YOUR EXPENSE. Many of these have to be revised by my British trained NHS coleagues ( it has been audited). Similar to banksters shenanigans, it's all about "off the books risk." Also, returning to one of my themes that Blair with his spin infected all aspects of British life adversley, is it likely that non-british trained surgeons who haven't made it in their own country would perform to the same standards? We all wanted to believe the world was much nicer than it actually is-so they spun it as so. No chance. Everyone can make money with houses. Everyone can have a degree. Everyone who wants to can become a doctor. Everyone is as good as everone else. Everyone can be a surgeon.... Wait until the new generation of surgeons become the norm and you need emergency complex surgery. They spend insufficient time at work, working, and training.They are not up to it. Still, at least it's family freindly and everyone who wants to can do it.......NOT! One of my colleagues frets over this endlessly. Nick
  7. I've thought about this for a long time. This is part of the bubble, easy credit, inflation of the money supply didn't only cause house prices to rise to ridiculous levels. Deflation then hyperinflation. And its gonna hurt like hell. Nick
  8. I grew up in Sutton Coldfield and live in Redditch, and can confirm it is a complete dump. As is most of "Brum". Nick
  9. Very prevalent in medical and surgical practice too, I'm ashamed to say. Nick
  10. check out this babe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6en8KRvFXs...feature=related Nick
  11. Sadly, as prices are set at the margin (Paddles) it requires only one liar loan (Eric) in an area to ensure EVERYONE ELSE OVERBORROWS AND OVERPAYS. So the innocent are defrauded. They also miss out on holidays, cars, consumer goods, and any rewards for working-the good things in life- as money is diverted to accommodation costs for 25 years, financial stress, multiple jobs, no time for family life, chav unruly unparented kids, increased divorces....... get the picture? The social implications are huge and long-term, even without the economic depression the embedded fraud has caused, and the cost of the bank bailouts, pension fund blow-ups because of RMBS blow-ups, CMBS defaults etc. Nick
  12. It would upset the lesbo paradigm "Women at work is a wonderful thing." They have abandoned their children to become willing debt slaves, competing with their men pushing down the cost of labour (wages) to pay the bank for inflated housing. "The banks will take a wife's wages into account now, when you apply for a mortgage(chest swells with pride)" Douchebags Nick
  13. It is worth watching, Sir. Not that I am challenging your authoriteh. Nick
  14. I've previously posted that Blair is to blame. As the leader of the country and therefore the authority figure, he reframed"lying" as "spin". This has infected all levels of society now. Gross distortions, omissions, memory lapses etc. are all now acceptable behaviour. Nick
  15. Senior civil servants know that Brown's plan is to get everything spent by next May and have been ordered to get on with the spending. This scorched earth policy maximises the chance of a Labour victory, maximises problems for the incoming government, and maximises the chances of the electorate-who are stupid-blaming the incoming government. Treason. Nick
  16. Great Eric.Easy to see now that the bubble was already well on the way up when they made this film. As prices are set at the margin, only a small percentage of self cert. were needed to start inflating the whole bubble. The fact that a guy on 30k with a 35k deposit can't buy a two bed flat in Ealing , to me, indicates things were overheated with hot money back then. Price off 50-70% from peak> Nick
  17. You're almost there! Well done. Here is the final bit. Interest rates cannot be allowed to lurch up as it's then game over as you say. BUT a deflationary spiral has to be fought off at all costs too. Only solution is to sell governement debt, and when the bond market looks nervous and market interest rates start to rise, print . The bank rate will not be going up. Hyperinflation, via a currency crisis. Inevitable. Nick
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