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  1. And that is why they were employed... and this is why the labour party have had such lax immigration policy and enforcement.. Gerrymandering. Nick
  2. Certainly they can't avoid choice-time forever. The adjustment the chavs are gonna have to make will be awesome. This lot will go for printy printy until the next election, agreed Injin? Nick
  3. Nail Hammer Head. Do you think these admins are more likely to vote Labour?
  4. Precisely. They we warned about PFI cost and low bed capacity by Allyson Pollack, and she was rubbished. Now Worcester Hospital drains money from the county. We Have to keep Kiiderminster Treatment Centre open for political reasons. Redditch Hospital, which is the only solvent, viable one, is being drained slowly. Gps doing minor surgery will increase costs. We have non-medical peroperative surgical practionioners in KTC who perform all minor surgery cheaply and efficiently. They have slashed waiting lists, freeing consultants up to perform more complex operations.. Waste is mainly in the from of paperwork, meeting initiatives,targets,proving they are met, awareness courses etc. which we never could afford as a country. PFI payments are far too high.
  5. Soc Gen stuff was great. I wouldn't misunderestimate yourself.... Nx
  6. Pretty pragmatic.. you should be ok. Hope it goes well. Barring armaggeddon, you're not taking much of a risk! Nick
  7. Unless you have a gauranteed job with HMG, trust me, you don't want the committment. Price. Historical relative price (vs income ratios) YOUR job stability. Interest rates including likely future trends, and current rates vs historical averages. Getting the picture? IMHO its best to rent, probably for 5 years. Then if everything goes TU you can rent a small BTL flat for f8ck all and get the rent paid. Sit out the storm. Other wise you'll end up in that same flat, but owing the balance on your mortgage after "your" house has been auctioned. 50 grand ok? hellodrnick
  8. This thread should be pinned for all time. Examples of financial madness/how not to do it. Crash, massive unemployment, rising inflation and interest rates dead ahead. 100% gauranteed. Oh, and Jesse, I know because I've seen it all before. hellodrnick
  9. Copied for bragging rights..... HPC Regular Group: Members Posts: 466 Joined: 28-October 07 Bull or Bear?BearPosted 19 July 2009 - 08:37 PM jersey1501, on Jul 14 2009, 01:38 AM, said: I am thinking of buying a two bed flat in Birmingham City Centre to use as a base for trade shows at the NEC. As I won't be using it as a permanent home I need something secure and near to New St station if possible. The price swings do look alarming, does anyone have an idea of a specific block or price range I should be paying? I have looked at price sites extensively but there does seem to be some conflicting information! Many Thanks to all in advance for their help! ............................... Mate, the level of oversupply is horrific. Prices will halve so you are looking at a 50-100k loss. What is it about renting- and rolling it over on a monthly basis you don't fancy? No risk, and if things get really bad-walk away with all your hard earned cash intact. Please don't do this to yourself and your family. Whole blocks are empty. Offer 500 a month. Nick ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I think this oversupply of flats could tank the whole market. Two bed flat for 60k, or three bed semi for 150-200k? Hmmmm think it through.....yes.....I'll offer 90k for the house! Nick
  10. Cheers. I'll claim my free prize. What happened to the OP? NIck
  11. Just read it again. An absolute dude. I hope he made a fortune out of gold. Nick
  12. "A little choppy?" With 2.4 trillion of pay Option/ARM mortgages resetting at 50% default rates (the other 50% should default too if they have any sense), consumer spending plunging 15 billion per quarter, unemployment rising, nine banks siezed on Friday, CIT and Citibank drowning it should be a breeze... I think we are heading into the eye of the storm. Next autumn will be awful as the losses from these defaulted mortgages clean the banks out again. Nick
  13. I do find it hard to read the topic titles. Need to be black and smaller...
  14. This could actually be serious. CIT and Citibank about to blow...... Could this harm the general economeh and recovereh? Nick
  15. It is, though, due to seniorteh and authoriteh, IRRO has discretion to use the old-fashioned spelling. Sincereleh, Nick
  16. What that's not is 1 a definite qoq increase indicating a recovereh 2 a small qoq increase indicating a possible recovereh. No recovereh. The next leg down is here and I agree with Bubb that this is the turn. Psychologically, the next leg down is really gonna hurt. Nick
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