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  1. Great stuff! Well done. An example to us all. Nick
  2. Agreed.Laughable bubblebulshit. Been on strike for 3 years. Nick
  3. May widen now due to questions of integriteh.... Are you challenging their authoriteh on the recovereh? Due you doubt their integriteh? Nick
  4. With the UK government buying 100% of Gilts (via BoE), it is a given there were no market takers at the rate offered. While I know this is the purpose of QE, adjustment upwards seems inevitable.If CPI is what 3% and rising would you lend these clowns any money at less than 6.5 or 7%? Sh*t I wouldn't. Nick
  5. Core inflation is rising in the UK, and only the UK vs USA/Euro. Our IRs are going up, deffo. Nick
  6. Top post. The climate is a coupled non-linear dynamical system and as such cannot be predicted. Nick
  7. Great idea. And when all the surgeons emigrate and in two years you find you need your colon removing, some dickhead will have a go at it for you.. I assume you mean pointless admin and advisers. Why not just sack them? Nick
  8. Hence no possibility of inflation. Nick (ie wage increases... before I start WW3)
  9. I think this is the nightmare acceleration event most of us on here worry about. Nick
  11. I agree. The noose is tightening and , I suspect, they'll print or borrow covertly knowing they won't be around to pick up the tab. IIRC, Labour borrowed 1 billion in 78-79 which the country never knew about. Thatcher revealed this acouple of years after taking office. God we need her now... Interesting to see Volcker with Obama yesterday. I think Obamama has tumbled Geithner and Bernanke.... and interest rates could be set at more realistic levels quite unexpectedly. Good. Any f#ckwit that borrows at 3-5% ( variable) and doesn't build in plenty of redundancy deserves everything they get. Nick
  12. How do I get a short? Got an IG index account, but never used it as not interested in daily gambling. Nick
  13. I've long thought you are either a genius, or one of the best bullshitters in the history of the world. No clearer. If this were such a good idea, why hasn't it been done before then? Nick
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