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  1. This was predicted on here a good 3 years ago, though we thought Zanu Labour would be the ones to do it. Nx
  2. Spent two weeks there in March this year. The food is so poor.
  3. Congratulations everyone. Yay! Pwned! I say again : 50-70% off. Nick
  4. Amen mothertrucker! They have lost any momentum... worrying.
  5. I'm amazed it hasn't crashed again quickly, with all the fraud being removed from the system. Ain't you Eric? Nx ps I think I'm getting diseffected!
  6. Yes . They just don't take these things seriously enough. Far too pedestrian approach. Nx
  7. I think you are right. An ESTATE AGENT told a friend of mine looking to buy, that prices in Bristol have dropped TEN PERCENT in the last ten weeks. Anecdotal I know, and I'm in Worcestershire so can't verify, but why else would and EA say that unless there were very serious drops occurring and the market was imploding? Nick
  8. What great timing. Almost to the day when the credit markets froze. Reporter of the year!
  9. This cars thing is very common. The single biggest cost component of ownership is depreciation. I own a Mercedes ML 500 which cost me 5k. Go anywhere do anything brilliant build quality, never be worth less than 2 or 3 grand because fo its utility. I drive two miles per day to work ( or cycle), and if I go further I do so in style and comfort. I do only 8-10k miles per year, so a little more on fuel is ok. People are brainwashed about cars just the same as they are about houses. There are plenty of superb cars for 2-6k around, and that is the true market value of the utility of a car. As HPC lifers will know, I rent and I expect 50% off crash to begin now. I've just moved to a smaller place-with a woodburning stove and on a farm-surrounded by trees ie plenty of free fuel. Just in case.... Nick
  10. Bingo. Post of the week. Overlending has impoverished the nation in many ways. Nick
  11. And if they don't stop spending borrowed money, that's what we'll get. Nick
  12. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh yyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah Nick
  13. Yes. Good post, as ever L O. It's getting tense again. Nick
  14. Yes. Good post, as ever L O. It's getting tense again. Nick
  15. Yep. Said it on here a couple of years ago, and just repeated it recently on GEI. The obvious and only solution. Nick
  16. Post of the year so far. I agree 100% (gauranteed) Nick
  17. Me too. This house is brand new too. Risks with buying are all to the downside at the mo'. If prices rise, so what? Nick
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