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  1. Doubling the number-or more properly tripling, the number of posts would not help. I, and many of my colleagues agree, think these trainee consultants will not get sufficient experience to treat our children and grandchildren safely. Training opportunities are down 50-75% already. Halving this again means many will not be ready for appointment to consultant until age 65... ahem...
  2. Proper investment in data collection would have picked these tossers up. Instead, we measure how many swabs are used, who spends more on sutures etc. The BMA is a joke..we know....
  3. I am a Consultant General Surgeon with an interest in Breast Cancer. The "meta-theme "of this site is "it is ridiculous to allow house prices/values to detach from reality." Bring your child to me at 3 am having been pulled out of your car with a busted spleen because you fell asleep at the wheel on the way home from a wedding. Then, at that point, we can negotiate on price-you say market forces.... think it through.... I get £5 per hour to save your son's life.... I don't ask that you sell your house, car , mortgage yourself for ever....... noble stuff.... I do expect some respect and a decent living... medics are not lawyers, accountants estate agents, financial advisers.......... BTW managers tell the DOH we are a law unto ourselves. The truth is these peope are the second raters who couldn't keep up through school and University. If I stop resisitng them (on your behalf), and ask "What would you like me to do and how do you suggest I do it?" an uncomfortable silence follows. "I don't really know what you do." They are on the gravy train, lying cheating and misrepresenting their usefulness while trousering your money! Straight up. You can't manage what you don't understand. Period. As for the money myths...........pleeeease! 30-40k per weekend. Why would ANYONE work during the week in the NHS if this were true????
  4. Difficult to dispose of then? M-I-L did her own DIY. Bodged and amateurish, she has degraded her own primary asset and made one of the last places that would sell in a good market. Now she' screwed.
  5. Yes,we bought in 2000 and "made " 100k. Her whole family is riddled with greed. Mother in-law refused to sell 500k home in London(Northwood) a couple of years ago-"Why, I made fifty grand last year just doing nothing?". At 70 ish, she will have trouble liquidating now. Never reply to the texts as has been said, she is after attention to soothe her fear of abandonement.It will go when she gets another guy when she will move to a smug position.... what you resist, persists.... www.mensdivorcedoctor.com
  6. I gave my greedy ex all the equity at the peak, knowing it would all go pete tong. I've been saying for three years that the property market would crash, and endured the usual replies posted extensively in these forum. The trick is to offset the equity against things you really want or can use. Change your phone, and advise her that further unwanted contact is harrassment if it causes you distress and anxiety. Play games back with her, get flexible, naughty and playful-"flow like water". See my website, and I'll tell you exactly what to say to fry her circuits. www.mensdivorce.co.uk
  7. Where's CG when you need a reassuring and soothing interjection....
  8. This ain't funny. history_graphs.html history_graphs.html
  9. Is there a link available so that we can view this graphically?
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