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  1. Yes, you are right. The scientific evidence presented by a Professor of Paediatric Endocrinology is stupid. Your approach is more intelligent. Nick
  2. What if something was being added to our food that 1 made us fat (obese 6 month olds too lazy to hit the gym?) 2 robbed us of energy 3 interfered with satiety ( thereby increasing consumption and profit)? Would that ammount to a systematic worldwide poisoning by large US food companies causing epidemics of obesity and diabetes? YouTube "Sugar The Bitter Truth". There is no more debate over the cause of obesity.They are victims amazingly enough. (Can someone embed this for me?) The evidence shows excercising does not reduce weight-more often it increases due to compensatory overeating. Nick And yeah, Chumpus the NHS beaurocracy is stifling.An embarassment.
  3. Nail. Hammer. Head. Happiness scores in Europe and the USA were the lowest for 80 years in 2006, before the crash. So, money doesn't make you happy. Unrealistic expectations of financial freedom/property portfolio/earnings potential make you unhappy. Nick
  4. They need to put 20% in gold. Not startin' shi* just sayin' bro's Nick
  5. Same in Redditch and South Birmingham, including the Christmas Market. Serious problems have hit NOW. Love to all my friends on here, Nick
  6. Just because he some things wrong, doesn't mean he is ALWAYS WRONG. Equally,CBs actions suggest just this. Also, if you actually listen to it, the story he tells around it sounds very authentic. I don't care that he sounds amped up.I've got no reason to accept his MF Global tanked for avoid Comex default for example. But if " Two banks thought the world was ending last week" and more, why not? If you think its BS, that's fine too. Just some food for thought. Nick
  7. Sadly no names at the moment. It certainly fits with the magnitude of the visible co-ordinated response though.
  8. http://bullmarketthinking.com/exclusive-interview-jim-willie-the-public-will-not-wake-up-until-at-least-1-million-private-accounts-are-stolen/ In the interview he describes a source "Deep in the German banking system" told him twenty simultaneous Lehman type bank implosion almost happened last week. He was enquiring as to which single bank nearly went under, so the answer surprised him. It would reflect a truth underlying this move by the CBs which can only be described as total panic. Nick
  9. Successive politicians have abused the public sector using it as a job creation scheme for talentless middle managers. These pensions are meant for doctors, nurses, teachers etc. who accepted lower than market rates jobs in grubby hospitals and schools as part of the deal. In 1990 may first job contract was for 108 hours per week, with overtime paid at 30% ( yes thirty percent-eg Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, Bank Holidays, Easter). If they renege on their side of this deal there will be a shitstorm released from real Publi Servants: Police, Fire, nurses teachers. Just because they can't afford the pensions of the five a day outreach co-ordinators,doesn't mean they can walk away from us. I'm happy to share may pension if I can be measured in worth say against a Goldman Sachs partner or something, and get back pay reimbursement for the income I've lost helping people rather than leaching off the system. Nick
  10. Terrible for this time of year. Its on like Donkey Kong. Nick
  11. EASY! remember not to hog the place...
  12. http://www.zerohedge.com/article/accelerating-deposit-flight-ireland-forces-irish-central-bank-print-money Just a bit....... Nick
  13. yeah, rented house for 10k, refused to buy for 415k, movedout, house sold for 299. made 17k on 35k investment in precious metals... waste of time this place...... wake up you c0ckend nx
  14. So this genius is 50, has made f+ck all, and goes around offering his ADVICE! HHHAAAAAAAAAHHHAAAA Nick
  15. Yep. One of the worst apects of the last ten years is that talentless knobs and deluded fraudsters make a fortune selling bullsh*t. Nick
  16. Jeeeesus chriiiiistt!! Or it could be options expiry time...oh it is! With shitloads of options at strike price 1400 gold and 25 dollars silver! Each dollar silver over 25 costs JPM 3 billion dollars due to their derivatives ... Now come on, RB, plzzzzzzzz? Nick
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