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  1. On 04/11/2019 at 10:41, Errol said:


    Nothing to see here. Absolutely nothing going wrong at all.


    Someone is not telling the truth – The Fed once again last week increased the size of both the overnight and “term” repo operations. Starting Thursday (Oct 24th) the overnight repos were increased from $75 billion to “at least” $120 billion and the term repos (2 week term) of “at least” $35 billion were extended to the end of November, with two “at least $45 billion” term repos thrown in for good measure. The Fed is also outright printing helicopter money for the banks at a rate of $60 billion per month (via “T-bill POMOs).

    At the height of the last QE/money printing cycle, the Fed was doing $75 billion per month. So whatever the problem is behind the curtain, it’s already as large or larger than the 2008 crisis.


    A big bank has died hence overnight rates went to ten percent. 

    This is an emergency. DB? 

  2. On 21/03/2018 at 9:53 AM, spyguy said:

    Hello Jeremy.....

    After 10 years of being a Nurse my friend pulls in 38k + a very good pension.

    She does 3 12h shifts + one 8h shift  a week. Plus 2 nights a month.

    80% of the time its pretty quiet. Theer is a reason why Nurses tend to being fat.

    Her alternative is working 60h in a shop for about 14k. No pension.

    And no chance of making a mistake, killing someone, and being grilled by the coroner and prosecuted.


    You [email protected] embarrassing pr*ck.

  3. 3 hours ago, zugzwang said:

    The triple-lock of

    1. Open UK markets

    2. Creeping yuan devaluation

    3. Chinese dumping

    guarantees that the UK will never enjoy another payrise.

    Easier than outlawing the trade unions, eh Dave?


    I recently moved to NZ.

    My take home pay doubled due to better wages and the highest rate of tax is 33%.

    Then another 20% increase in pound terms due to devaluation.

    Take home 11 thousand pounds per month- no private practice.


    In my view taxes must rise relentlessly for the rest of my life too-and I'm 49.

    Deficit needs dealing with, debt needs paying back with interest rates going up.

    And the stupid politician class has broken the transmission mechanism which they used to use to inflate away our debt and cheat our creditors by embracing the wage arbitrage of globalism. House prices cannot stay up. 

    Hugs xx

  4. 6 hours ago, Maynardgravy said:

    Anonguest stole my thunder with his/her 'calm before the storm' comment. (excuse the weather pun)

    To give greater detail, there are A LOT of conflicting opinions/schools of thought on this forum at the moment. Take Hammond - will he be here or not, same for Carney. Is TM spouting ****** or does she really believe in this on-nation-toryism? Will she take back control of IR (or at least instal someone else)? What's the real effect of Brexit on HPI/HPC? What's a falling pound to overseas investors - a catastrophe or yet another opportunity? Is the ripple effect coming to an end or in full swing? 

    Adam Curtis would call it 'Oh Dearism' wouldn't he?

    She wants him gone now he stood up to her in public.

    He'll be gone in six months.

  5. 7 hours ago, SpectrumFX said:

    Yes. It's the upgrade. I almost always access the forum on my phone. I used to be able to dash off a post in moments. Now half the time it cocks up. Then when it cocks up I get whatever I was quoting stuck in the quote box. When things are more difficult I do them less.

    I think using "cocks up" twice in a single post is err.....

    Were you flicking between Grindr and hoc while posting on the train?

    Subconscious association?

  6. 11 hours ago, BuyToLeech said:

    It's not a conscious 'act', no.

    What we are listening to are the ramblings of an old man who has never had a coherent or sensible thought in his life, and has not aged well.

    Trump represents established, inherited wealth, because that's all he knows. His thoughts, beliefs and ethics are those of a real estate parasite.

    I'm sure the old money of America would rather have someone competent, someone with a thought out plan, but he's still on their team.

    Lets say trump had been president in 2004. So you think he'd have cracked down on mortgage securitisation?

    Bernie sanders was the anti-establishment candidate. 

    Have you been watching the debates or speeches?

  7. I'm in

    I've now done this.

    Sri Lanka on my way to a job in New Zealand.

    The ridiculous house prices in the UK and this feeling of being left behind definitely part of it.

    i'm a surgeon, 49, on approx 100k per year and cannot afford to buy a decent house with sacrificing my discretionary spending for what's left of my life.

    Well, F*^K that.

    i've rented for 10 years waiting for the crash following a divorce which launched me out into the world at the peak of the last bubble .

    Hugs xx

  8. Friend of a friend just sold a similar place about a half mile south of there. Both Indian doctors at addenbrookes on good salaries.

    Not really a fitting property for earners in the top 1% or so, but thats reality I guess.

    And that's why I still rent.

    Never give up:never give in.

    HPC till I die.................. (or freeze to death in a box in old age)


  9. The japanese live a long time due to their heavily fish based diet. This despite relatively low healthcare spending. The yanks spend trillions and live shorter, because they dont eat fish. Or if they do its about 90% fried gunk and 10% fish.

    They are doing obesity surgery on 5 year olds.

    Sugar in the diet.

    Eat more fat!


    Professor at MIT saying what i said above.


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