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  1. SurgeonGeneral

    The Bubbly Bitcoin Thread -- Merged Threads

    The exchanges convert BTC used in purchases immediately to fiat. The volatility risk lies with the consumer.
  2. SurgeonGeneral

    30% pay rises for NHS workers.

    How does a bus driver compare to a nurse managing dying people with multiple ailments in a non- linear environment equate to a bus driver? Troll or douchebag?
  3. SurgeonGeneral

    30% pay rises for NHS workers.

    And no chance of making a mistake, killing someone, and being grilled by the coroner and prosecuted. You f@cking embarrassing pr*ck.
  4. SurgeonGeneral

    Gold strategy in the current economy

    Maybe this is the end of the longest pullback. On a positive note, someone has taken C.G.N.A.O. On Twitter. Could it be our Lord has returned?
  5. SurgeonGeneral

    Auckland; house price doubles in 6 months

    I'm in Wellington and it is unaffordable. Back to UK!
  6. SurgeonGeneral


    I recently moved to NZ. My take home pay doubled due to better wages and the highest rate of tax is 33%. Then another 20% increase in pound terms due to devaluation. Take home 11 thousand pounds per month- no private practice. In my view taxes must rise relentlessly for the rest of my life too-and I'm 49. Deficit needs dealing with, debt needs paying back with interest rates going up. And the stupid politician class has broken the transmission mechanism which they used to use to inflate away our debt and cheat our creditors by embracing the wage arbitrage of globalism. House prices cannot stay up. Hugs xx
  7. SurgeonGeneral


    Yes. Exactly as I see it.
  8. SurgeonGeneral

    It's gone a little quiet on HPC

    She wants him gone now he stood up to her in public. He'll be gone in six months.
  9. SurgeonGeneral

    It's gone a little quiet on HPC

    I think using "cocks up" twice in a single post is err..... Were you flicking between Grindr and hoc while posting on the train? Subconscious association?
  10. SurgeonGeneral

    The emperor has no clothes

    he's not practised or polished but brave as a lion standing up to these warmongering pratts
  11. SurgeonGeneral

    The emperor has no clothes

    Have you been watching the debates or speeches?
  12. SurgeonGeneral

    The emperor has no clothes

    Just lowe it, Fam. Ennit high from NZ hideaway
  13. I'm in Sri Lanka on my way to a job in New Zealand. The ridiculous house prices in the UK and this feeling of being left behind definitely part of it. i'm a surgeon, 49, on approx 100k per year and cannot afford to buy a decent house with sacrificing my discretionary spending for what's left of my life. Well, F*^K that. i've rented for 10 years waiting for the crash following a divorce which launched me out into the world at the peak of the last bubble . Hugs xx

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