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  1. Welcome to the site debt_ridden_ftb I feel that property prices will fall between 50 - 70% in total from the 2007 peak prices. Property has a long way to fall before it becomes affordable again imo. We've already had a 30% drop and I'd expect at least another 20% drop next year.
  2. Yea those are older videos, doesn't seem to be any new Faber videos on youtube today
  3. Would someone mind giving a summary of what Faber said, the clip won't work for me
  4. Why the hell can't they use flash for their videos like everyone else! I had to give up trying to watch it, it kept cutting out on me :angry:
  5. Well I took off the master BT wall socket and there was just a bunch of wires behind it I can only assume that I don't have a test socket installed? Sucks
  6. I think a considerable amount of middle class people are going to get wiped out by the credit crunch because they overleveraged themselves and took on far too much risk.
  7. Can was please stop with these childish insults, it's degrading the quality of this forum.
  8. Very interesting! There was me thinking that the bank bailouts purpose was to prevent a global financial meltdown Welcome folks, more bulls on this forum will make for interesting discussions
  9. Traktion does this really work? I was also reading that their is a BT gadget out now that helps speed up your connection http://news.zdnet.co.uk/communications/0,1...39496721,00.htm
  10. Company recruits 160 more in city http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/northern_irelan...est/7737021.stm
  11. PROPERTY CRISIS: Warnings emerged online http://www.newsletter.co.uk/property-in-cr...line.4511448.jp Awesome! Thanks for the plug guys! It's really nice to see this website getting some of the recognition it deserves in the media
  12. LOL! I think our NI house price crash could bottom out in the next 2 years at this rate
  13. Nice! I can't wait until I get a fast connection. Are you on a 5mb line? I'd love to have one of those 20mb lines, that would be really sweet!
  14. Excellent topic Paul! If this is true it would do a hell of a lot to change sentiment much quicker, would be good if we could get confirmation from a NI surveyer Anything that helps change sentiment quicker is a good thing imo.
  15. Misread your post, I think we'll see the number of drops increase steadily over 2009 along with bigger drops as unemployment rises. Seems to be a lot more bigger drops this week
  16. Yep totally agree, it'll be interesting to see the number of drops per week this time next year
  17. That sucks! 64k! They might as well have reduced you to dialup! My max speed is only 120k
  18. Very interesting DD Another prediction from a poster here that has come true. Who was it that predicted this would happen? I know it was someone from here who predicted that the auctions would start eating into EAs market share.
  19. I have a broadband question, I'm stuck on a 1mb line at the moment (but I know my line can take at least 2mb) If I phoned up to upgrade can they look into how much bandwidth I'm using? I'm asking because I'm worried that if they find out how much bandwidth I'm using they'll cap my account (even though it's supposed to be unlimited broadband) I think using over 300GB per month may be taking the piss out of their fair use policy
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