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  1. Fair point guys, I'm sorry. I was having a bad day yesterday but it doesn't excuse my language nor my abusive post. You were right to delete my post Doccyboy and thanks for pointing out my mistake P.P.
  2. Yep Churchill is right, I'm just being nasty! This couples misfortune had nothing to do with insane amounts of greed, no no! It was just bad lucky and poor timing through no fault of their own
  3. I honestly do see your point but personally I found Churchill's post very patronizing and that annoyed me. If I had of made Post #308 in reference to anyone who was affected by the crash then I think Churchill would have had a valid point. His post suggests that this couple have found themselves in this position through no fault of their own, which quite frankly is retarded.
  4. Could someone please explain why my last post was removed? WTF!
  5. When you read the article, what position do they fine themselves in at the end of it all? That's right "Renting Again" Oh heavens no, having to rent. Oh how incredibly awful for them and their poor poor family! Oh wait! Is that not the position us first time buyers have found ourselves in due to shits like this that speculated on ramping property prices beyond the average working class individual. Fukc em! They are getting what they deserved! I only wish the same fate applied to the bankers and investment bankers who are truly responsible for this bubble. I'll keep my sympathy for those who deserve it, those who worked hard and didn't expect hundreds of thousands of euros for doing NOTHING of any value whatsoever.
  6. I have nothing to get angry about, property prices are still dropping and to be quite frank these articles from Templeton Robinson and Co just scream of desperation to me. That programme by Philip Johnson on the BBC last year gave more details away than people realize, he mentioned specific amounts of transactions needed to break even (In his case 100 per month) and he also admitted that if the market didn't turn around by the end of December his business would be in serious trouble. IMO most Estate Agents are fighting for their very future right now, they can't withstand another year of business like 2008. They have to talk the market up, their very existence depends on it.
  7. Yep I felt the same watching that WTF sprang to mind! Is it really surprising though? We live in an age where no one is responsible for their actions, people are always looking for others to blame for their situation
  8. Anyone remember the Philip Johnson Estate Agent program on BBC Northern Ireland? Remember what Philip Johnson said? They needed 100 sales per month just to break even. I'm not sure how big Philip Johnson is compared to Templeton Robinson but it was certainly an interesting program that shared some useful info.
  9. I don't have a problem with posters like Winky either but unfortunately posters on this forum can't just ignore different opinions. It starts with a debate, which turns into insults and then every topic ends up in a spate of insults, that's why this place is now moderated to avoid this problem from occurring. Winky is right though we all have a vested interest one way or another. I must say though, we live in a weird world when first time buyers get dogs abuse from the bulls for simply wanting an affordable home. The bulls who come on here usually have posts full of anger, it's funny in a way because the tables have completely turned. If you check out the original Northern Ireland thread here http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...showtopic=37941 The thread is just over 2 years old we had similar posts due to prices rising, now we have the same posts for the opposite reason! The bulls are wrong so they don't bother me, I just wish we where not the focus of their anger. We didn't cause the boom and we didn't cause the bust, all this site has ever done is share opinions. Most of the bulls who have posted here are Property Developers, Estate Agents or Property Investors. All the posters here know that it was the banks and investment bankers who caused this Ponzi Scheme, they are mainly to blame for this mess. I think deep down the bulls realize that they have been conned by the banks and investment bankers, this whole boom should be on an episode of "The Real Hustle" Greed was used to con the Property Developers into borrowing bigger and bigger amounts of money to buy inflated land prices, Greed was used to con ordinary people into BTL through Property Investment, Greed was used to con Estate Agents into thinking that higher prices = more commission hence the endless property ramping between 2005 - 2007. What a lot of people still fail to see is the system is completely and utterly rigged, the bankers get bailed out at the expense of the tax payer and everyone else involved goes to the wall as the economy goes down the pan because of their actions.
  10. Good result for Liverpool the other day Subby! The usual for me, work, work, work! Might watch that new film Body Of Lies at the weekend, it looks good!
  11. Downward pressure on prices is a good thing
  12. Interesting stuff thanks I'd love to learn more about the film industry, just wondering if you could recommend any links?
  13. Nice info Could some of the bigger studios not focus more on creating successful budget movies? For example the Spanish horror film [REC] cost $1.9 million to create and it's honestly one of the best horror films I have seen in the past 5 years. I realize Hollywood made Quarantine with a bigger budget but releasing [REC] would have cost a lot less.
  14. I'm born and bred here! (Both parents from NI) So beat that I've enjoyed reading this thread, like you said shipbuilder sometimes it takes other peoples thoughts to make you realize what you have here. One of the things I like the most about Northern Ireland is the people, we are warm and friendly and have a great sense of humour. That's the thing I'd miss the most if I left this country. I also love the geography of the place and scenery. From Belfast you can travel around 1 hour in any direction and you have vastly different scenery Newcastle, Portrush, Antrim Coast, Fermanagh etc. I do not enjoy the weather though, I realize it's pretty much the same weather in most areas of the UK but I just wish we had better weather in Northern Ireland. That would really make this place special. The thing I hate the most is the sectarianism. I honestly don't think we have made much progress at all since the peace process, the hate and sectarianism is ingrained into a lot of the people and it seems to pass from one generation to the next, especially in the council estates that are all controlled my the paramilitaries. During the troubles my parents had catholic and protestant friends, that's one thing I truly appreciate about my upbringing. I wasn't brought up to hate people because of their religion or what "side" they are on, it's something I'm very thankful for. Unfortunately the majority of people in this country where raised the other way Don't believe me? Just look at the polls, DUP & Sinn Féin. Says it all really I've stated this before on this forum but I do worry about the future. I hope to god that this economic downturn is only a bad recession and not a depression. If we can get through the next 5 - 10 years without the trouble starting again then I'll have real hope that we can really move forward and leave the past where it belongs.
  15. If it was the episode with an American women looking to buy a place with a budget of £70 - £80K then I think that episode was made in 2002.
  16. That's creepy! I bet it would make a great set for a movie though
  17. I think I'll phone up my broadband provider tomorrow and see if I can get any info.
  18. We only have about 50 regular posters on this forum, even if everyone of us had a big deposit and we all decided to buy at exactly the same time it wouldn't make any difference at all. The bigger EAs need at least 100 transactions per month to stay afloat.
  19. Thanks so much NSN! 887 Decreases, very nice! Only out by 2! Traks can I borrow your crystal ball please?
  20. I think you have answered your own question Of coarse you're right
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