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  1. Actually Shawn Of The Dead had an estimated $4,000,000 Budget and has grossed over $100 million at the box office Source - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0365748/business BTW good point of The Matrix films, I want my money back for those last two films. Same with the new Terminator film :angry:
  2. That apartment looks absolutely incredible VT!
  3. I'd also like to see you completely revamp your search function (make it like Property News) I do like being able to select a specific area and seeing property only for that area. I think you guys should really try and make your website functionality and format as similar as Property News as possible, currently Property News is the most widely used property website so people are used to how it works so I think people would be more likely to start using your service if it has a format that people are used to. I don't like that current advanced search drop down menu you have Also on your property listings I think you should have all the photos showing for each house, I'd have a thumbnail of each photo on your listings or you could even go one better and have the full size images of all the photos on the property listings page, sure you'd have slower load times but then the surfer could see all the full size images of that house on one page. This is actually a bit of an annoyance I have with most property portals, bebo, myspace you name it! Most surfers now have broadband (at least 1mb) and yet most websites are still using thumbnails mainly for speeding up load times. In the case of property portals people are there specifically to see details about the property and the property photos so why not have all the info on one page, saves surfers having to click a bunch of thumbnail links to see all the info they are after. The average number of photos is around the 5 - 7 mark anyway, so that's only about 1 - 2mb in total that'll take no more than 10 - 20 seconds to load at the very most. The photos on your site load much faster than the photos on Property News listings though which is a major thumbs up
  4. Todays BBC article mentioned this Some more interesting info from the article Source - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/northern_ireland/8050803.stm That info is coming from NI estate agents, so if we could get a figure for the sale agreed for the first quarter of 09 we'd have a good idea of what percentage of sales are going through. My apologises if you've mentioned the timescale those sale agreed figures were for previously in this thread, I've not had time recently to keep up to date with this specific thread.
  5. LOL I think it's mental, MENTAL I tell ya! that the average member of public is so incredibly ignorant about this stuff. She is great I thought she was talking faster than most people from NI though I think she just wanted to get a load of her points across in the short space of time she had though which is fair enough
  6. Congrats Mr Slump! Must feel good to have that security of owning your own property, 100% mortgage free!
  7. I think it was more of a case of them making money hand over fist and not giving a toss, similar to the Irish media. http://www.mediabite.org/article_The-Eleph..._665274077.html
  8. This is the best post in this thread, nicely put!
  9. Tell that to your average NI first time buyer and in the majority of cases you're going to get a blank clueless stare. It's no different than having this conversation in 2006/2007 with your average NI first time buyer. If the above scenario I'm worried about is played out then that is going to change sentiment and if sentiment changes we can kiss goodbye our hope for affordable housing within the next 18 months.
  10. What is even more scary is the prospect of nationalised banking system and a government hell bent on resuming lending through printing money
  11. I don't think house prices would increase again but it might put a floor under this house price crash. Also if the government start printing money and giving it to the banks to lend that is really going to change public sentiment plus the VIs (EAs etc) will go on a media campaign championing "green shoots of recover" but this time they'll actually be correct concerning the housing market even though the economy will really turn to shit as your post above has quite clearly pointed out. Remember we are a nation of debt junkies, if that tap opens up again (through quantitative easing) there are a lot of people who will jump at the chance to buy a property if they can get a mortgage. All of us here know that house prices are still way overpriced but we are in the minority Trax, this forum does not mirror the average UK public who are incredibly ignorant, most of them will not be putting anywhere near the same level thought into a property purchase as we would do, this is what concerns me. This is the scenario that scares me and sadly this is the scenario I see playing out. The prudent have already been punished at the expense of the imprudent as interest rates have been cut (or will be cut to 0%) and I fear this trend will continue with more wreckless actions by the government.
  12. Yep I agree £100K for a 3 bedroom semi in a decent area sounds like a reasonable price imo
  13. Are those figures correct? I always thought house prices in NI pretty much doubled between 05 - 06? Around 50% each year.
  14. I've felt the same way for some time now. I know of a few people who have money in Irish banks, I've warned them on a number of occasions over the past few weeks to take their money out but they have not listened. If the Irish banks collapse like Iceland's have done then it'll be their own fault when they lose their money.
  15. Price Weighted Average Change -13.2% Wow! The average price drops are really starting to increase now!
  16. Mind posting the thread BB? EDIT - Found it http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...howtopic=105431
  17. I've said all along that if I could get the house I wanted for rateable value then I'd certainly buy. As much as I agree with all these charts and graphs about income multiples etc No one can give me a 100% guarantee that property prices are going to fall as much as we may want here (i.e. 60% or more) I'd hate it if I ended up holding out for something that never materialized, plus at the end of this year it's going to be 4 years of waiting to buy a place (waiting since 2005) and to be perfectly honest I just can't be bothered waiting another few years incase the property I want drops an extra 5 - 10% As this thread is already showing, everyone's circumstances are different and I respect that. I'm sure you already know what feels right for yourself
  18. That one went sale agreed quite some time ago
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