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  1. How come Ron Paul is getting media coverage now? He was given practically no coverage during the elections in the US & UK, it was like a freakin media boycott of the man
  2. You should check out Northern Ireland, will probably be down 30% by the end of the year! Finally We are number 1 in something, house price crash!
  3. I agree with every point you have made in this thread, I wish more people thought like you. I believe in buying local food and supporting local businesses whenever possible. You hit the nail on the head, people no longer think for themselves and this is the main reason we are in so much shit.
  4. Totally agree, although sadly us Brits where not given an opportunity to work abroad in mass and earn 5 times the wages we could back home. We got HPI and crippled with debt instead and static wage growth due to mass immigration, to say we got the raw end of the stick is an understatement.
  5. Congrats WouldbeSeller, that's great news!
  6. Credit where it's due to InvestNI, their "Start A Business Guide" book is really informative and I found that a lot more helpful than the InvestNI business coarse.
  7. I've done the InvestNI business coarse and I was not impressed. The people who took the coarse were nice people but none of them had any experience in business which I found incredibly frustrating. There where about 15 people in total at this 4- 5 day InvestNI coarse and we learnt a lot more from each other than we learnt from the people taking the coarse, most of us had business related questions that they could not answer. For the most part we ended up answering each others questions
  8. I don't blame people for wanting to cut out the middle man in the transaction (The EAs)
  9. Good article! I'd like to see everyone responsible for this mess jailed for the rest of their lives, they have engaged in financial terrorism that has brought pain and suffering to millions of people. The fact that no one has been jailed for their part in this just confirms how corrupt things have become.
  10. When you consider our recent past it doesn't look good mate
  11. Great thread! - http://www.frugalsquirrels.com/cgi-bin/ubb...=1;t=044387;p=1 Well worth knowing exactly what you need to do incase TSHTF I'm with ya 100% my friend, I totally agree that this crisis is FAR from over I don't really care if I'm accused of being a tinfoil hatter or whatever, a small percentage of net worth in PMs and a 3 month stock of food and other essentials is bloody good insurance IMO. I figure it'll cost somewhere around £500 - £1000 for everything needed and if things work out ok then everything gets used up and it's a nice little hedge against inflation, no harm done!
  12. My point is this - We may end up in a depression and if we do then anyone with a mortgage will end up homeless. To each their own but imo a depression is not a 1 in a million possibility, it's a very real possibility. Infact if it was not for the global intervention at the weekend we where facing a financial meltdown
  13. ROFL! I've also noticed labour using that line in interviews all the time now "I can't accept that" Not just Gordon, all of them are using it :angry:
  14. I'm starting to think that unless I can afford to buy a home with 100% cash then I'm not even going to consider buying at all. With all the uncertainty about the economy I would hate to have a mortgage, lose my job and have to worry about being repossessed.
  15. I feel the same Traks! I was beginning to research ways to save money i.e. insulation etc but over the past week I dropped that completely and went straight to building up supplies (tinned food etc) Once I'm happy with what I've built up as an emergency supply I'll go back to researching ways to save money. When I have 20% in PMs and at least a complete 3 months emergency supply of stock I'll feel a bit better about things, my gut is telling me that these interventions have only given the system a bit more time (weeks, months I do not know) One things for certain, we are all going to have to get used to a lower standard of living (how this all plays out will determine that) Financial Meltdown = lucky to survive Severe Recession = Serious compromises on living standards For a large percentage of people who have been used to this debt culture for the past decade, I can't for the life of me see how they are going to adapt. I think most of us here have lived rather frugile lives over the past few years to build up deposits so a drop in living standard will be managable for most folks on this forum I think (assuming a recession) but for those used to a higher lifestyle than we have enjoyed over the past few years (due to MEWing or borrowing) it's gonna hit them like a brick IMO which is bound to lead to serious social unrest because I just can't see these people accepting a much much lower standard of living than they have been accustomed to. I don't see how house prices or mortgage lending can take off again, we have a recession around the corner and 2009 is going to be a nightmare for millions of people once unemployment starts really rising. I'm hoping for the best but planning for the worst
  16. Hey Sarah welcome to the forum! I agree with Vespasian & Belfast Boy, I'd hold off for another year (or maybe 2)
  17. I laughed so hard when I read that last line! Cheers
  18. If we have a depression/financial meltdown does this mean that basically anyone with a mortgage will have their house repossessed?
  19. 5 - 10 years and a world war at the end of it perhaps?
  20. 1 more interesting link http://www.danieldrezner.com/archives/001912.html
  21. Another link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bretton_Woods_II In 2005, Roubini and Setser argued that the system is unsustainable: They predicted this 3 years ago
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