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  1. http://www.property-bee.com You install the tool with firefox and you can see price reductions of property on propertynews.com
  2. Good post Shipbuilder although I agree with Doccyboy on the last point. We already know that the UK is going to have the worst recession in europe and Northern Ireland is going to be the worst hit area in the UK so we will be worst hit in all of europe. In 2009 I don't see how the decline in prices is going to slow down, I could easily see another 20% decline in 2009. The real issue now is unemployment, I think that is the key issue now that will determine the speed of the crash.
  3. http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/loc...s-14052947.html House market slump bottoming out, claim surveyors This was first posted on the main forum here http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...showtopic=94700
  4. Very true! http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/lifestyl...e-13999645.html Nolan should be forced to disclose this information when discussing property imo, he clearly has a vested interested in property. It's clear to see FP and the EAs vested interest and it would make a more fair and balanced program if Nolan had to disclose his VI. FP you did great! I wish you and the EA had of been given more time to have a good discussion. As usual Nolan was insulting, Templeton Robinson make another incorrect prediction. The bullish EAs like Templeton Robinson are really really starting to piss me right off. Their bullish predictions are helping NO ONE I said this about 3 months ago and I'll say it again, ALL estate agents in NI need to be actively encouraging their customers to reduce prices significantly. This rubbish about the market leveling off is helping no one, all it is doing is giving false hope to 1000s of home sellers that prices may be stabilizing (which they most certainly are not) News flash! - There is a freakin recession around the corner! 50,000+ predicted to lose their job in NI If we had ALL EAs in NI talking the market down through the media a clear message would get through to even the most bullish and subborn sellers, This is a house price crash start reducing prices significantly to have a hopes chance of achieving a sale. The sooner we achieve affordability the sooner things can start improving for everyone It's not just the estate agents business that are struggling, it's every single industry that is related to the property market that are being effected. Removal businesses, property surveyors, solicitors etc These stupid bullish predictions are helping no one and only result in prolonging everyones misery with their false hope. It amazes me that programs like the Nolan show even bother inviting estate agents as guests because their credibility has been shot to pieces over the past year and I honestly don't understand why they are even allowed on these shows anymore, surely a better guest would be someone from the The Council of Mortgage Lenders who has some solid facts and figures to backup their opinions.
  5. Glad to hear you waited FTB08, good luck with finding a new job. Waiting for house prices to come down is one of the best decisions I've made, it's going to make such a difference to the amount of disposible income I have by waiting a few years to buy a home.
  6. Oh this is gonna be good! Good luck FP
  7. If everyone in the UK was given an allotment I doubt it would make much difference at all, the majority would not get off their lazy fat arses.
  8. Excellent program! Looking forward to tonights show
  9. I think you just described exactly how I'm feeling right now! I am so thankful for finding this NI forum, without it I'm certain I'd lose my mind. Thanks for your explanation VedantaTrader about what is taking place at the moment, much appreciated!
  10. I would seriously consider waiting for one more year. The UK is going to be the hardest hit country in europe and Northern Ireland is going to be the hardest hit country in the UK. Northern Ireland is going to be the hardest hit country in europe by a long stretch, by the end of 2009 there are going to be a lot of forced sellers with up to 50,000 people expected to be made redundant in NI. I don't know about the Victoria Place Apartment Block but it may be better than the Bass Building Here is a 2 bedroom for £140K http://www.propertynews.com/brochure.php?r...=1&sort=h2l If you feel that you must buy a place sooner rather than later then I think you should consider putting in low offers Oh and welcome to the forum! Also with apartments you should really do your research, find out the ratio of apartment owners to renters in the buildings that interest you. I think the general rule is the more apartments owners in a building, the less problems you'll have. High percentage of renters in an apartment block = more problems. Example - College Central Apartment building 2 bedroom £115K http://www.propertynews.com/brochure.php?r...=1&sort=h2l Not I bad price at the moment (personally I wouldn't pay it) but my understanding is this block was a BTL (Buy To Let) hotspot and most of the apartments in this building are rented out. Just type in "College Central" into Property News search to see what I mean, 26 apartments show up Like has already been suggested, it would be a very good idea to actually rent in the apartment building you want to live in for 6 months to make sure you like the area. Good luck mate, hope this info is useful
  11. Looks that way! So much for cash being king during deflation eh? I think we should take our cash out of the banks and given them the 2 fingers, at 3% I wonder if it's even worth the risk of having your money with a bank now incase they end up withholding savings like Argentina.
  12. This is a really useful link
  13. I think you're right Sour Mash although I tend to think that a lot of areas in NI will fall more than 50% Look at those Larne apartments as an example, 50% off and half of them still remain unsold.
  14. Apartments in the center of Belfast are really taking their time in coming down in price, I can't really think of any really big drops when it comes to apartments in the center. Odd really because they should be crashing the most I would have thought (Especially when you consider the massive drops in price of apartments in other areas like Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool etc) Welcome to the site Chris
  15. Perhaps a lot of countries will just be turned into third world countries
  16. This post made be laugh I've decided just to shut up about what is going on now, you really do end up sounding like a Tinfoil hatter and your friends and family think you are completely nuts.
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