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  1. I'm looking at my options atm Yeah I should have signed a 6 month contract, I'll do my research first and see what my options are
  2. I feel for you I really do. Usually I don't take people at their word but in this instance I was shown around the property by the owner, this property wasn't a BTL it was the owner who was moving away for a few years and they seemed like lovely people. Still I guess this one is on me, I suppose in hindsight I could have went around all the neighbours and asked about the land Thanks Sam, appreciate the kind words. If I could have recorded conversations I would have, I suppose next time I speak to my landlord I could bring up the subject and record the conversation but as I understand it that doesn't hold up in court. Have you used CallTrunk.com for recording phone calls? It's great, I've recorded entire conversations with EAs in the past through that website, it's excellent! Thanks for the reply mate, atm I'm digging up info. I've spoken to the builder and asked for a letter of the date planning was approved etc I'm also going to see if I can get a copy of the letter that was sent to all the neighbours etc Stainless Sam sadly I know you're right, without solid proof I don't have much hope. Doesn't make it any easier to accept the situation though as IMO I've been legally conned, it's certainly changed my attitude about wanting to take good care of the property, I certainly won't be going out of my way to fix things that aren't my responsibility!
  3. I just get an error up when I try and search the info "A mapping error has occured. An error report has been logged with the site and we will resume the mapping functionality you attempted to use as soon as possible."
  4. Thanks for the link Willie. I have no idea how I'd be expected to know there was planning permission approved for a plot of land that has no post code or any information attached to it though to even do a public search on
  5. I don't think we have that in NI
  6. So I viewed a detached property and the landlord showed me around the property, there was a plot of land directly opposite the property and I raised my concerns and asked if planning permission or if a house was going to be built on the land. I was told no planning permission had been approved and there was no immediate plans for a house to be built on the land, I made it very clear I wanted some peace and quite and if a house was being built on the land it would be a massive issue for me but was assured this was not the case. So I went ahead and signed a 12 month contract for this property. So I've been in the property for approximately 1 week, and today I notice a bunch of people around this plot of land so I go and speak to them. Turns out planning permission had been approved over 1 year ago for a 4 bedroom house and within the next month or 2 the building work is to commence for this new 4 bedroom house. I also found out that last year everyone i.e. All the neighbours where sent out a letter letting them know planning permission had been approved and it's going to take around 9 months to build the property (Pretty much my entire tenancy) What I want to know, what are my legal options? I've been blatantly lied to by the landlord and now I'm basically going be living beside a building site for my entire tenancy, what makes this worse is I work from home and I work late into the early hours of the morning so this is also going to effect my sleeping pattern as I usually don't wake up till 11am - 12am and I usually go to bed around 3am - 4am but a building site beside me will wreck my sleeping pattern Did the landlord have any legal responsibility to tell me about the impending house being built?
  7. Oh yes a £40 fee or something like that. Well according to the EA, even though I had demonstrated I have enough money to pay for the entire years rent that doesn't protect the landlord/agent from having someone to sue if I decide to wreck the place (his words)
  8. Sorry for bumping an old thread, does this legal responsibility apply to renting accommodation? I.e. If there has been complaints made in the past about noise, is the landlord or EA legally bound to inform a potential new tenant about the noise complaints? I know there was a case a while ago about a guy who purchased a house and then finding out he had a neighbour from hell so he sued the previous home owner for failure to disclose any info about his neighbour from hell http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2111907/Homeowner-sues-couple-sold-house-lying-Asbo-neighbour-hell.html
  9. Thanks again for the advice, I'll do that!
  10. Thanks for the advice, I'd have no problem providing this. The EA has said he and his vendor would prefer a guarantor which I can understand from their perspective
  11. What is HB? Perhaps I've misunderstood, for the first option of current employer would I just put down my own info? Yes I have bank records etc That's no problem to provide!
  12. I'm in the process of sending out an application form for a property I'm interested in renting. In one of the sections I'm asked to check one of 4 options for proof of financial information 1) Current Employer (That's me) 2) Pension Advisor (Don't Have One) 3) Accountant (Again Don't have One, I do it myself 4) SA302/SA100 Number 4 is the only option I can provide but there is nowhere to provide these details, just a couple of lines asking for Company Name, Address etc Do I just attach a copy of one or the other? Or both? Maybe it's just me but I don't see how a Self Assessment SA100 Tax Returns Form is gonna prove to an EA that I can fulfil the rent obligations, then again perhaps that's why they want a Guarantor for the property I wish to rent due to the fact I'm self employed. I'd appreciate some advice on what to do from anyone who is self employed, frustrating in a way because I've got enough money in my personal account to pay the rent for the entire year but they still want a Guarantor too
  13. If you really want it just be persistent and try and many forms of communication as possible
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