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  1. Thanks for sharing this. Useful information and good to know that someone's actively monitoring
  2. Happy New Year one & all, Brent Crude now all over the place and took a massive bounce in last 24 hrs due to US interest rates expectations and Chinese relations. It led me to dig a bit deeper into some of the underlying fundamentals. I'm sharing these very compelling slides as a consequence... https://www.iea.org/media/presentations/WEO2018-Presentation.pdf What does this means for the North Sea & NW Europe ? Anyone's guess ?! Once Brexit is landed or otherwise, then tariffs and subsidies may look very different across the Energy Landscape. Would be interested to hear from those working in disciplines or fields which cut across the energy transition ? What do they foresee ? In 2019+ we can expect a far bigger range of activities in our waters & coasts. I would expect the OGA, BEIS & Crown Estate to be very busy with a variety of O&G, Wind, CO2, & Power offerings ( & legacies) being tabled. -------- AWPR - does anyone have any new insights or revelations ? It making a massive differences to everyone's movements from what I har & observe. Traffic is freed up on many places with some newer, smaller bottle necks appearing in places. Stagecoach are offering two new services ( 747 and 757 ). Be interesting to see if that generates enough demand to be sustainable ? https://www.stagecoachbus.com Wishing you all the best for the coming year and the best prosperity & health that the NE Scotland can offer...
  3. Was unaware of that info - thanks Dan.... It will be interesting to see the new Exhibition Centre opening and how that drives traffic & business plus culture... https://www.teca.co.uk/ ( see the Gallery section ) Aberdeen is a damn fine City - I believe the AWPR is providing a massive mojo boost right now https://www.flickr.com/groups/aberdeengranitecity/pool/ And some ONE news here http://www.opportunitynortheast.com/opportunity-north-east-hails-significant-progress-first-three-years/ ASPC now under 5700 - can anyone recall what it was at it's peaks ? Keep it cup half full folks ….. ?
  4. Energy Transition Report here may be of interest https://oilandgasuk.co.uk/product/energy-transition-outlook-2018/ Cost per barrel are still very attractive for most players ( a third lower than 2014 ) https://oilandgasuk.co.uk/product/energy-transition-outlook-2018/ ------- Meanwhile, some investment news in the last 24 hours https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-north-east-orkney-shetland-46506705 ( Shell ) https://unitedkingdom.chevron.com/news/latest-news/2018/captain-field-development-plan-approval ( Chevron - aimed at attracting new buyers for their Asset sale ? ) Inclined to say that the North's biggest enemy is inflation Interested to hear if people are seeing an increase in Tender & Recruitment activity or Rates drifting up as skills become sought after .... ------- Won't be long before the ASPC is under 5700 ( 5716 at present with 7% Under Offer). Let's see how the AWPR changes the game now ?
  5. The whole PE debate is nicely summed up in this article also http://www.petroleum-economist.com/articles/politics-economics/europe-eurasia/2018/growth-and-exit-exercise-north-sea-private-equity-minds Meanwhile, the ASPC sits at less than 5750 (with 7% of those seemingly "Under Offer"). In other words, some 400 or so individuals are in the process of buying or negotiating.... Most definitely still a Buyers Market but attractive properties in desirable areas shifting faster than of late. Mandale also pressing ahead with building a New Hotel after getting the green light ( surprised to see it was worth £1M ?) https://www.scottishconstructionnow.com/article/construction-leads-and-tenders-spetember-4th And thought this was interesting http://www.airport-business.com/2018/12/aberdeen-airport-introduces-electric-car-charging-points/ And this demonstrates the upturn - https://www.heraldscotland.com/business_hq/17281568.wealth-manager-charles-stanley-opens-aberdeen-office/ Have a great festive period one and all ..... ?
  6. Only flagged the Decomm. liabilities as it's something you often mention in your posts.. Be interesting to see how Brexit affects the whole Gov. ethos ( if at all ?) This is a reasonable Decomm. read - https://www.citymetric.com/horizons/why-uk-government-spending-25bn-dismantling-oil-platforms-3835 The CCS space will also prove to be a veritable source of opinion too https://www.oedigital.com/news/460509-uk-awards-first-carbon-capture-storage-license
  7. Last one's for today..... Upbeat vibe from Serica released - https://www.serica-energy.com/downloads/presentations/Nov18 Corporate Update FINAL.pdf ( @cashinmattress' - note the decomm. liabilities piece ) And POTUS is at it again ... https://www.scotsman.com/news/politics/main-players/donald-s-trump-s-expansion-of-aberdeen-golf-resort-deemed-weak-1-4836990
  8. Similar property here which sounds like it may have a curious background ? https://www.mcewanfraserlegal.co.uk/properties/town_inverurie/courtyard-house-logie-estate-pitcaple-inverurie/134802 NB - "DISCLAIMER: This property is being sold in its present condition and no warranty will be given to any purchaser with regard to the existence or condition of the services or any heating or another system within the property." It's not too far from this one which someone mentioned not too long ago ? https://www.aspc.co.uk/search/property/361663/Millstone-Steading-Logie-Estate/Inverurie/
  9. Many thanks @Ignorantbliss.......multiple, council induced inferences to be made from your punchy synopsis.I guess the AWPR will open up many of the key arteries such as the A96 to more ribbon type / clustering style developments that branch off the main roads. Sauchen & Monymusk seem to be real little microcosms driven largely by folk who're willing to drive further afield or equally, have a slice of country life with the perceived benefits of a new build.
  10. Oily - top notch. Nothing disputed there and we can all fall into cynical mode based on what we observe or have to endure. Seen plenty of phantoms in my time. Many of them on a revolving door, "found out" basis ! And yes, Cash's post are typically bang on point and well articulated. The guy / girl ? should be a lawyer .... Let's not forget this is a price Crash forum. I see this as a place where people of all backgrounds also come for info and sharing. For this reason, it always good to understand others intent / drive. This is always a good place to start - https://www.simplypsychology.org/maslow.html
  11. Great find. Any initial thoughts or insights ? These docs are always wide open to interpretation.
  12. Dear Cash ' - I would hazard a guess that the O&G industry was very good to you until a certain point ? Assuming you lived near (or in) the NE of Scotland did you own, rent or drive/fly every week ? You tested your own mettle and made some measured decisions one presumes ? Genuinely curious.... You're almost at 10,000 HPC posts (!!)- that's a ton of keyboard time. It's easy to question everyone's mettle when you have built up a firm mattress off (presumably), the very industry you seemingly love to loathe. Seeking to understand your sustained motivation. How's Brexit playing out for the Renewables game incidentally ? I hear mixed reports and skirt the fringes of new developments /related offshoots on this front. You seem well dialled into it ? An executive summary would be more than welcome.
  13. That might be the case my sugar encrusted friend. The point is that no-one really knows how things shall pan out, you and me included. You also failed to mention a multitude of other parameters including the likes of Venezuela, Mexico, Russia etc. By the time I post this both of our comments will be old news. And let's not forget that the Fed and Trump don't have the best of relationships.
  14. A quote from the FT for just a short section.... Financial factors behind oil’s decline Although factors in the physical oil market have driven oil prices down, some analysts are also emphasising the importance of the financial markets in contributing to the speed of the decline. Philip Verleger, an energy economist, argued over the weekend that the latest price collapse was “almost certainly” a consequence of US oil production companies using derivatives to protect their revenues, typically by buying put options, which give them the right to sell oil at a set price. “The financial firms behind the derivatives had to sell futures to hedge their positions as oil prices began to fall,” Mr Verleger wrote in a note. “The selling continued last week as the downward trend intensified.” He added: “Logically, prices should rebound over the next two or three weeks, assuming the price collapse did not inflict significant financial damage on any major market participant.” Colin Fenton of Blacklight Research has also been highlighting the importance of financial factors. He argued that after shutdowns at US refineries for maintenance, which hurt demand, the impact was amplified by investment banks and other financial companies needing to cover their positions. As that effect passed, he said: “The oil market is going to rip to the upside, and I think people are going to be surprised by how far and how fast it goes.” Both Mr Fenton and Mr Verleger, however, warn that there are times when movements driven initially in the markets can be followed by more lasting effects. Mr Verleger wrote: “This is one of those potentially disastrous cycles where falling prices occur when the market has no liquidity. On occasion, such disruptions pass quickly — as with the “flash crash” in 2010. At other times, they have long-term economic impacts.”
  15. It will be interesting to see the Q3 & Q4 releases of this https://www.acandco.com/content/flipbook/property/Property_Monitor_Q2-2018/#p=1 Yesterday's news release that the papers seized upon .... https://www.acandco.com/news/article/prop-mon-q3 .... and the builders must still be confident enough ? https://www.acandco.com/news/article/new-build-homes-banchory Look forward to the AWPR changing the dynamics of the 'Shire in 2019.....anyone have any news on that front ? Let's hope BT keep upgrading their infrastructure, cabinets too etc https://www.ispreview.co.uk/index.php/2018/11/cityfibre-begin-1gbps-fttp-home-broadband-build-in-coventry-uk.html (see Aberdeen reference in there)
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