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  1. £316 was so cheap those days (it does not seem that long ago). Now just under £500. Not sure if I can stomch higher prices from here. Still to this day get worried when I invest but you know what I am only in my early 30's so I can always make up the losses when they happen by saving more. Hopefully. No Mortgage, no rent, no taxes, living with my beautifull wife and kids for free. . But I do give back to socity what I earn but only in charity and not forced taxes.
  2. Just placed an order for 10 5'9s Maples. I know I know they have high premium but looking for something different. No spare cash left now but very thankfull I can still buy at these prices.
  3. Less then $850 and I will surrender my last £5k cash available. Hoping for some of these
  4. If the dollar, GBP, etc is an IOU what is the EURO then? an WOU. Who Owes You! lol The Euro is even worse then other currencies at lease you know which country promises to pay.
  5. Nah. Never fall in love with material wealth. I only protected myself for reasons other then big profits. Thank you for all your links you PM'ed to me in 2006. Many Thanks. All I am saying I can not see myself letting go of it as I totally lost all trust in paper promises. So what now sell to get back the paper?!! does not make sense. Probably as this is my 2nd biggest investment stratgey after selling a property I need as much help and info as possible to learn much. I just do not see myself selling it as my main aim and purpose was not for profits. CGNAO, Goldfinger and Pluto keeps updated and many thanks again.
  6. LOL. she did actually ask me for a diamond ring as a present last week. I guess it is a charity to spend on family. CGNAO and goldfinger please keep us update as to when to sell as I will need alot of talking to let go of it as I am really have become addicted to the stuff.
  7. You welcome my friend..Keep up the good work...the only ones that criticize you are either never liestened to you or missed on big profits already are still going to miss on even bigger profits. they basically gutted.
  8. muwhahahahahhahaha. nah I did not give total investment as it is private. But gave total paid on average on a weekly basis. Goldfinger you doing a good job so thank you to you too.
  9. A big Thank You CGNAO. Man i am so glad and thankfull to God to have seen your posts two years ago beginning of 2006. I am fully protected upto my eyeballs. I was buying like £10k a week physical in DEC 2006 and eveyone including my wife said I was going crazy. I could not say oh go speak to some guys on the net and they will explain. She would have said indeed I needed a mental hospital. Now Shukran CGNAO because I liesten to you . nearly £50K profit. I am sure and hope you made more then me in profit as you really deserve it for all your hard work to explaining all this big scam. Let me take this oppotunity to thank you again. Peace. P.S not justpassingby here but a friend of his using his account by his permission.
  10. From past records that huge gold price crash will probably end somewhere in the $650 - $750 or even higher price range if your opinion is correct. I think gold should be around $1500 to $2000 as a balance sheet against all the paper money that has been printed. This balance sheet price range should increase as the amount of paper money gets printed.
  11. Steve. Oh boy sorry to hear that you sold on nerves. If you only held out for just today you would have made some profit and a good start for the next leg up. Gold is not for the fainthearted.
  12. $893....Looking for $5000 minimum with hours of convencing it is the right time to sell. At the end it I might never need to sell.
  13. Steve mate. Go to your profile remove all your personal details. Contact the site administrator asap and ask them to remove your all previous posts. While doing all that turn off your router or broadband connection to get a new IP address from your ISP. Even better just remove your HPC account. 15 years in IT engineering and this is all I know lol. What a joke.
  14. Do not worry steve. I know someone paid double your budget 120k or so for physical. Made good returns so far but he bought it when it was cheapish 2 years ago. He told me today that he did not care where the price was going up or down and cared less about making profit. He Only invested 100% for personal reasons other then making profit. Sometimes you either risk it all or nothing at all.
  15. No stopping? where is the high on this leg? My work mate told me today who is almost totally invested in gold made something like 32k profit so far this year. Not sure if this is good profit compared to other investment options. Only time can tell? PS. Wish I invested couple of years ago.
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