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  1. It's the root or route of all evil. Well SOMEONE had to say it
  2. Or this one, you can only come back to my 112k pad if youre over 40.......
  3. www.Propertyauctions.com have a list of upcoming auctions, as do www.futureauctions.co.uk
  4. Excellent excellent post, thank you, what a way to start the day! And it's a Friday too! Bitchin day.
  5. Oh, how convenient, thank you both for that, still think it's very odd...
  6. This is a serious question about inflation - dont shout at me, but if inflation is running at say 3% but house prices are rising at say 9% how come houses are not counted as inflation? Surely if they were IR's would be raised in line with them and keep house prices steady same as all the other spending? Or am I just really stupid?
  7. Yeah I'll help, post this. Go to the kitchen (good idea to get aquainted with the 'house' terms) get a rubber washing up glove, blow it up like a balloon, hold the end tightly so the air don't escape then rapidly slap it accross your face back and forth whilst making a booooooooooooooooooooo sound. (Don't forget to close your eyes) Oh and yes you can just get a mortgage approved for say 200k and go out and spend it on as many houses you like, and can you lend me a thousand quid. Ta.
  8. Not feeling so good at the moment, despite being a nagging wife we STR'd almost a year ago as our chain kept breaking and I thought it would put us in a better position to buy, then I found this fine site which mirrored my niggling feelings, so decided to sign a years lease last November. At the last 3 monthly inspection a couple of months back we said we wanted to sign another year, we were told we could but after that they were selling, I thought that could be just about perfect timing as we could pick up something in the sales. However, our lease is up on the 22nd - yes 2 days! and we still haven't had any paperwork, we have phoned and emailed but no reply (although the letting agent is diabolical at doing anything), I'm getting really worried as even though the owners are in Hong Kong they would have to be on another planet not to know what's going on and I'm seriously stressed that they might not let us have the full year.... Yes Doctor J renting is a royal pain at the moment...
  9. This is fantastic news, very well thought out and presented, I saw the minister blokey - who actually confirmed the bill as 12.5bn, on Breakfast telly yesterday and thought bloody well done. They were presenting it as a way that helps those in genuine need, which is exaclty how it should be, BUT...... Someone in my family is a legal secretary, she works for a solicitor who now works soley in benefits claims, he fills in the forms telling them exactly what to put, then gets them a council flat, and all the other bits and pieces such as cars to get the kids to and from school, he claims legal aid for doing it. Almost all of his clients are 'asylum seekers', they have the same story, they escaped the Taliban after being tortured, swam the channel and so on, they all have practically the same story and a medical repert from the same doctor saying they have post traumatic stress. LS has a bad leg and is in agony, she has to go upstairs to copy their benefit letters for proof to claim the legal aid which shows they take home more than her for working full time! She's hobbling up the stairs whilst they are leaping up them 3 at a time. Of course when she tried to claim help when her leg got too bad to work full time she was turned down! The government can't say anything as they're always saying how beneficial immigrants are, but this is a very sneaky way of dealing with it. Benefits are often used both in this country and abroad to fund terrorism and other serious crimes, and those in genuine need can't get help. We do have a benefit culture, it pays better to be out of work and have babies, instead of being rewarded for working youre clobbered with taxes and then have to claim benefits back. I'm really sorry to hear that BB, but of course you should have this help, you deserve it and need it, and as a civilised society we should help those who need it. Benefit fraud should be made into a serious crime, resulting in deportation or hefty prison sentences, THAT would cut the bill instantly.
  10. Make it law or policy, ie after a year your benefit simply stops, you need to work or have no money, we have millions of long term unemployed, let them do the unskilled work that the government is talking about importing labour for, after all they are already here using rescources. If someone breaks the law they go to prison (in theory) and loose their rights, let them loose the right to ever step foot in this country again, thats the law. At border control check the health insurance policy, don't allow people in with incurable illnesses (or pregnant), make it policy, they are talking about introducing loads of security measures at airports, make that one. When you apply for a work visa you have to give DNA, that's the policy, don't supply it don't get a visa, that's the law, and so on. I saw an article on the lunchtime news a few months back where a refugee support group were helping a couple in a desperate situation where there London council flat was unlawfully overcrowded, they had 3 or 4 children in a one bed flat and they were crying and desperate. trouble was they had been there 4 years, when they moved in they had one child, they went on to have 2 or 3 more in that flat - neither of them working. The housing system is currently a points system where you gain points for example for being overcrowded, if it were changed to you go on the bottom and wait they might think twice about having more kids. You make it happen by discouraging the sort of immigrants we don't want ie criminals and benefit claimants and making it law to throw out the ones breaking the law and tightening the law to include more.
  11. I sympathise too, but I also sympathise with the parents of the thousands of babies that die in this country every year through cuts to the midwifery budget, the people sleeping on the streets, those battling mental illness withoit help, those who are not adequately housed and the children beaten raped and tortured daily through lack of follow up care once they're born, those that die from germ riddled hospitals once they are lucky enough to get an opertation, those in agony daily for desperate need of an operation, and so on. We need to sort out our own problems before we start helping others.
  12. Make housing lists first come first come first served for EVERYONE not just newcomers Make everyone claiming benefit a government employee so work where there put, ie where they have skills or where there's a lack of, clean streets, hospitals, recycle rubbish etc. Make unemben claimable for no more than a year for EVERYONE Make unemben only claimable after you work a year min for EVERYONE Only allow entry to a foreigner if they have comprehensive health insurance. Only allow a work visa to a foreigner if they provide a DNA sample. Instant deportation with permanent non re entry for anyone breaking the law, that includes benefit fraud and gaining entry into the country illegally. Benefit only payable for the first 2 children for EVERYONE. Raise tax limits and scrap the higher rate tax limit, also scrap tax credits this credits and that benefit, for EVERYONE moving away from the benefit culture we have and start rewarding people for working for a change, the harder they work the more rewards they get. Pay most of unemben in food vouchers redemable only against fresh food, pizzas coke and other junk food should be a luxury as is sending cash 'back home'. So, we have a system where everyone works, so there are less jobs needing filling, you do not get rewarded for having babies or never working, you dont get a house for free because you are fleeing fire flood or famine or have another baby fed by the taxpayer, you are happy to work and dont have to balance x hours in case you earn too much pushing you over the tax threshold or into a situation where you are better off working less hours and claiming top up benefits. I saw the news the other day and was gobsmacked, they are now saying lets bring in more unskilled workers to build more houses to house the exploding population?!?!? Why? are they bionic? posess special powers? perhaps have tortoise tendancies where they dont need a house? How on earth do these people get away with running a country? Here's a mad idea, instead of adding people to an overpopulated country we curb the poulation instead?
  13. * Love your estate agent. Be nice to them. Give them presents. Offer prizes to the first one to sell it. Every agent has "preferential" houses which they prefer going to and telling people about. Make sure your's is one of them! If I get really desperate should I just sleep with him?
  14. I'd like to add a couple of points that seem to have been overlooked. You can only release equity if you sell, if you keep it you will simply be taking out a new loan secured on the flat, so you will have 2 loans secured on 2 properties, (or one loan secured on 2 properties). Also the loan would be let to buy not buy to let, ie counting income form rent as income, it's the sort of loan that 6 months ago could be arranged without ado but has been really cracked down on. You might find that a few weeks down the line you cant get the loan you hoped for or the tennant and could be really out of pocket. The best advise IMO is from debt free, pay mortgage and all debts off, sit tight and wait till the market settles, or simply sell it and use the real equity for your new house giving yourself some protection from a crash and rising interest rates if either come.
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