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  1. Or maybe they will make even less effort, cut even more corners for the next tennats as what's the point, they are just tennant scum who will wreck the place like the last idiots. Idiot. Maybe withhold a little rent to ensure you are covered on your deposit but cause criminal damage? Again, idiot.
  2. Why not? Other people have been bailed out after wreckless business practices.
  3. Mervyn? Pervin on the Servin? See what I did there?
  4. No they don't. Nationwide want them to pay £360k. Its the HA that wants the higher figure.
  5. hmmmmm... Yeah. If I was starving that would be the last place I'd look if I wanted to steal some food.
  6. Food prices could cause global riots and political instabilty. Does the world really need more angry (and hungry) young men with access to weapons left over from dodgy arms deal from the West and Russia/China?
  7. All? You sure about that? Evidence? So you don't think that the over supply of money needing to move away from mbs has got anything to do with it then?
  8. You'd be shacked up with your 17 year old niece?
  9. Couldn't agree more. Are we also in a position to be paying for other peoples wars? Makes me mad.
  10. Clearly you've never been out for a beer on Broad Street in Birmingham on a Sat night.
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