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  1. Ta BB! Was wondering about Championmongo1 too - hope he got sorted and away off to new pastures...
  2. Ta all.. Sophia - it was on for just over a year. Weebobby - won't be giving many details at any point! too much of an online presence. Suffice to say I was happy with the price, as was the buyer. Renting for a while now - wanted to be free of it so am free to leave the country if/when the urge takes me...
  3. Cheers DB - been living the dream for quite some time, but if you mean head to the sun, might do that in a year or two!
  4. Cheers! buyer lovely, loves house - going to be very happy here. And I'm up for change..
  5. Contracts signed, key swap any day - thanks for all the valuable opinions, insights, links and entertainment. G'luck to all of you with your plans and dreams...
  6. I agree about not propping up failing businesses/banks - the point Jamie Delargy made, which I quoted above, is that it's not good for entire industries to go under (at least, not industries as critical to every day life as construction and banking - much as I hate banks). Businesses/banks who acted irresponsibly will likely go under - consequence of actions. Whole industries collapsing would be disastrous for everyone - tho' what could/should be done I do not know. And I only caught that statement at the end of the programme so don't know what had been discussed before. Just think it's important to be clear about the difference between businesses failing (natural, and expected if business models bad) and whole industries collapsing.
  7. Oh my head..! As someone said, a lot of contradictions in there. I think it's pretty clear that most people on here (and in buying market presently) aren't looking to make a quick buck, but looking to make a home. My viewers only included 2 investors; the rest were first-time buyers/young families wanting to make a home. I don't think every potential buyer's going to wait and try and call the bottom of the market, but rather wait until prices have fallen to a level where they can afford the repayments. If I was buying now, I'd be looking for somewhere where the seller was willing to sell at a price where I could afford the mortgage repayments - I'd expect them to be somewhat higher than rent (a trade-off for owning an asset), but not by a massive amount. That is what I would consider a 'bargain', relative to the average property on sale at present. As many commentators say, the right price to buy a home (as opposed to an investment property) is when it's affordable for you, irrespective of what the market as a whole is doing. That is why most people are 'sitting on their hands'. If current prices were affordable a lot of people wanting to buy and settle in a home wouldn't give a damn if the prices were expected to go up or down, they'd just be keen to get in and start putting down roots. (Arguments about home-buying v home-renting cultures aside.) But when prices are so high you'd be committing to financial pain and worry for god knows how long, why on earth wouldn't you wait in the hope they'd drop? If you even had the luxury of choice, that is. Price is of course the big issue. It's a market... 'Flexible finance' is just a facilitator. If you're trying to sell a 32" Plasma HDTV at £5k you're not going to shift it just because you can offer 'flexible' repayment terms...
  8. Haha! YoungFTB, glad you're well! And I haven't - yet. Current one not completed and I don't count chickens any more.
  9. Hello y'all, long time no post, hope all's well with you and your families and your finances. Just logged on 'tother day and saw a lot of posts by "vision" and someone making the connection with "Vision Property Sales" - I read the posts and was pretty sure it wasn't "Vision Property Sales" as the opinion expressed seems to vary greatly from Jeff's at VPS. So I rang up to double-check and it isn't him or any of the staff there. As many of you know, I've reported from last year how Jeff/Vision were encouraging sellers to go for lower prices (which I did, and achieved sales on, which subsequently fell through from co-ownership crisis/mortgage offers getting withdrawn etc.) - you also know Jeff's the one who pointed me to this forum to educate myself on prices, for which I am extremely grateful - since you're all so informative and often hugely entertaining with your posts. "vision" - haven't read all your posts so am not judging the comments, just read enough to be sure it wasn't Vision, and wanted to clarify that you're not, for any Poirots out there making 5 out of 2+2! I saw you said 'complete collapse would hurt everybody' and I agree with that; I didn't see the Delargey UTV programme but heard him on the radio y'day. He was saying that people expected that developers/banks who had speculated wildly/lent irresponsibly should be [punished] (that wasn't the exact word I don't think but was something like retribution), and that 'indeed they did' - but he clarified by saying that out and out collapse of entire sectors of the industry would be no good for anyone. Which I of course agree with. I also saw though that some of your other posts have given rise to an opinion, rightly or wrongly (as I say, haven't read all your posts), that you are encouraging people to get back in the game now and not sit on their hands. So again, to clarify, Vision have always said now is a good time to buy ONLY if it's a real bargain for the buyer, and they're very clear on what a bargain is. (I.e. not a slight drop from bubble prices.) If anyone's wondering why I'm bothering to post, well, it's because as I've said before I like and have always trusted Jeff, he gave honest predictions on where prices were going in my area from the start, and was proved right, he's absolutely NOT a ramper and sees the price drops as necessary to bring market back to reality, and is doing better than most EAs as a result of being honest with clients and encouraging lower prices, which are getting sales. So I'd hate to think that this coincidence - of someone perceived as an EA with the same posting name as a local EA's - would result in a false perception of the views of Jeff/Vision who're one of 'the good guys'. Now, how are you all doing?
  10. We're going to need a bigger boat... I'm in mine, by the way (almost 25% drop), anyone want to throw me a feckin life jacket....? Ah jaysus, such times.
  11. Don't know about rest of UK, but here in Northern Ireland those big department stores (allegedly) get years of rent and rates free to be a 'flagship store' in retail developments, which makes it that bit less expensive for them to open up! H... of F... allegedly got 10 years rent and rates free. Allegedly. And D... hams alleged deal was rumoured to be a) 5 years or b ) ongoing - don't know which.
  12. Yep, the announcement linked to in the original post says 'closure of our Habitat franchise'.
  13. That's definitely a factor - some also from buying at peak, spending a fortune on doing it up to flip, and now stuck. I know of a few in my area in that position. (Edit to clarify: I know this is happening, but it wouldn't explain prices going up as the properties wouldn't have gone on at a lower price previously; the ones I know of had it on at a (ridiculous) price to make a profit, and now have it at a (still ridiculous) price 'cos they 'can't afford' to take the hit. May have to of course.)
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