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  1. The cost of employing a fresh graduate in India in an entry level IT position is still nearly 10 times cheaper than employing a local IT graduate. However, for higher/senior positions, it is just 3-4 times cheaper. So, clearly, the employers can get greatest cost saving by moving entry level positions to offshore first. That's what is happening in all large UK companies! I can't remember actually which well known company still hires IT grads out of university in good numbers. After several years of this trend, gradually no local candidate will join in UK IT market. Naturally there will be
  2. One thing you're all forgetting - the company directors are hardly worried about data security. It's their quarterly bonus amount what they care. If they can show shareholders that their act saved company £££, then they'll get promoted. :angry:
  3. Experian announced 200 job cuts in Nottingham. http://www.thisisnottingham.co.uk/displayN...;pNodeId=133951 A voluntary redundancy program has also been offered to senior managers!
  4. British jobs for British workers. Immigrants come, take jobs, spend few years, become British. So, promise kept.
  5. Stop the social welfare system. The lazy buggers then need to return to work. In today's global economy, the jobs will go to best qualified candidate (i.e. if someone can do it with a lower wages). History repeats itself. Britain ruled world (at least a good part of it) for hundreds of years. Now payback time is coming, we shall be ruled by foreigners for years to come Only in dictionary success comes before work.
  6. How many companies do you want?? :angry: These are immediately that comes to my mind.... BT Tesco Siemens Experian Price Waterhouse McKinsey HSBC Norwich Union Next Vodafone Orange Accenture United Utilities National Rail Virgin Media In today's market, you'll simply struggle to find a company which is not outsourcing!
  7. Unfortunately sellers don't read these news They are now thinking after expected interest rate cut next year, price will pick up again.
  8. Buyers also know that right houses are there - it's just a question of pricing them right
  9. But why don't I still get an affordable house? I see some houses are on market for 6 months - yet sellers are unwilling to drop price.
  10. File Buyers.sys not found. Reboot Housing Market? Press Y to reboot, or any other key to Escape into reality.
  11. Let's face it, price will rise, you can't help But you can keep the cost same - downgrade to a smaller car/engine. I drive a 1.3 L car - doesn't matter much [had 1.5 earlier].
  12. And now they are (not just Indians but most other migrants as well) actually working harder than the English ever did Proof: Go to any large corporation - entire IT division employees consist over 50% Indians See the bus drivers in London (and elsewhere) - less than 50% is British Check any plumbers, window fitters - Looks like only Romanians and Poles work in that trade Any car wash/petrol stations - no Brits ever! This country is actually run by less than 1% of wealthy Britons! They own all the big banks and companies, they don't care whether a Briton or a migrant do the job. All they
  13. Why not devaluate pound? Cheap products and cheap labors won't be cheap anymore. Foreign worker will no longer to come to UK. And jobs will not go anywhere!
  14. It makes me think why so many people can't live within their means! They borrow more than they could afford and then blames it's bank's fault!
  15. Story here http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/arti...in_page_id=1770
  16. I find that nearly all EAs are still vehemently arguing against a price downturn. I don't understand their situation At present, market is very much down, even EAs are accepting that fact. Now they get their money from % commission of sold properties. Now, a less % of commission is better than no commission at all (since houses are not selling so fast currently). Or I really miss something important?
  17. I think when real crash [or downturn] comes, many people will be forced to downgrade their home. But they still need somewhere to live. So, most probably people will downgrade to 2-3 bed terraced houses [or even flats may be ]
  18. The problem is that sellers are not reading this forum... I am a FTB and still find sellers are unwilling to reduce price even by 7-8%. :angry:
  19. BTL only works for them who bought houses before 2000 when price was lower, so that their mortgage payment is lower than market rent. As price rises, mortgage becomes more than rent.
  20. Renting 'now cheaper than buying' http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7029832.stm
  21. Interesting news However, UK economy (as well as USA's) is based on credit business. Although I don't appreciate BoE turning entire country into *****s, I do think if credit crunch continues here, will suffer a recession soon
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