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  1. But what affect has this had on UK house prices? and what effect is it going to have on us in the UK? Probably put our house prices up higher as the money will be going somewhere and everyone knows that the U.K will not let house prices fall, no matter what the cost. i sold in 2004 to wait it out for the crash, after reading HPC pretty much from the outset, read HPC every day, and where has it got me? i'm probably worse off. The amount of times over the past 9 years i have read "this is it" is unbeleivable, every single time HPC has been wrong.
  2. What have we learned? that the tin foil HPC posters get it wrong again (like they have pretty much every day since 2004!), we've had conspiracy theories, the euro is going to go boom, this is it, i'm getting my pocorn out etc... and what has actually happened? Nothing of the sort, tin foil hat sorts can now crawl back into their shelters!
  3. my sales are down at least 70% on last year, i'm spending probably 50% less in google/yahoo/microsoft ppc than i was this time last year. this time last year i was getting £1500 profit a day, now it's around £300, nothings changed, i even have less competition and margins have increased! I'm not complaining, £300 still a lot of money to most people, and i have plenty of money saved. I just thought i would give you an "on the ground" perspective, by the way i sell probably the most wanted products that people get for christmas. edit: forgot to say these items range from £100 - £300
  4. i nearly cried when i saw this, seriously!!!! str in 2005 and ive been goin on at friends and family since then, not one person has ever agreed with me! Got my mum to str over 3 years ago just before the 2007 mini crash, then when they started rising again she seemed to look at me differently as if i was wrong all along. My favourite phrase became "dead cat bounce" before i finally gave up trying to inform people. This is amazing news just need the economy to stay ticking along until after christmas now so i can buy a house with cash next year (end of next year) if when these falls carry on what are all you 30,000+ post saddo's going to do with your life?
  5. yes, i missed it on the telly but i've been watching it on bbc iplayer, only seen the first episode, which was in the summer. The place looks amazing and just what i'm after!
  6. Yes, i like desolate landscapes and not too many people, consistant surf is the most important thing for me. I'd love to move to portugal, funnily enough i was only talking about it this afternoon while surfing, as a couple of the lads went at easter, said it was amazing but quite crowded, until they went to the west coast where it was quieter. I can't move abroad as i have 2 young kids, don't speak the language and have family to think about, a move to the hebredies will be bad enough for them!!!! how do your mates get on in winter in the hebridies? 4 hours of light and 120MPH winds is the only thing putting me off! i wouldn't mind taking a look at new zealand, great surf, pretty isolated and reasonable house/land prices, i just know if i went i wouldn't want to come back!
  7. Top of the range wetsuits are amazing these days, i was actually too hot this winter!!!! Yes locals have made a fortune selling derelict barns to muppets from the SE for £300K+ but then most of them moved away!
  8. That sounds like too much hard work, when i can just sit back and watch It will happen here, it's got to, and a lot worse than most places when you consider the local economy Vs house prices. i also remember the £1K per acre and the fact you could get a farm house with a couple of outbuildings, 2 little cottages and a couple of acres for around 70 - 80K, that was around 97/98, not that long ago really, try that now and you and you are talking nearly £1million, I'd happily buy the above for around £150K and i recon in a couple of years i'll be able to. If it doesn't happen then i'm off to the outer hebredies, resonable house prices, amazing constant surf and no people
  9. I imagine your right about the wages, but don't forget about housing benefit and tax credits and in some cases benefits!. I certainly hope we have a sorter season as i hate it when the tourists arrive, in fact if i never saw a tourist ever again i'd be an extremely happy man! people around here are completely delusional about house prices and about what is propping the local housing market up. Never mind houses, land is also rediculously priced take a look at this 1/5th of an acre of pastureland for £10,000 so they are pricing it at £50000 an acre!!!!!!!!!
  10. This would be great for pembrokeshire house prices (maybe not for people who own them or work in tourism!) but where i live there are more holiday lets and second homes than occupied full time, i dont know the exact figure but i do know in summer we can go from a population of 2000 to over 20000. i am hearing rumblings from holiday let owners aswell, but i have done for a while now, i think it's been bad for a couple of years, but about to get much, much worse! Pembrokeshire (st.davids) land of dreams! average wage around £16000, ex council house £175000!
  11. Agreed, same here. Sold my house in 2005, bought it for £31000 in 98 and i got £108,000 in 05, i know it was sold in early 07 for £112,000 and she had spend £5K+ on it (conservatory) i know rent a lovely house in the country next to the sea that was valued at £300K in 07 for just over £500 a month. i remember the first time i looked at HPC.co.uk which was around late 03/early 04 and just saw that graph on the home page, it was blatantly obvious what was going to happen. I just didnt think that it was going to take this long and i didnt realise how much the goverment where going to intervene to stop it happening. Ah well not long now
  12. The only people with money around here are the farmers who sold derelict barns for £250K - £300K+ to muppets from london/SE with more money than sense!
  13. the average wage Vs House Prices has got to be the worst in st.davids, pembs. No industry to speak of, relies pretty much on tourist trade, average wage combined sub 20K - ex council house (3 bed semi) £185,000
  14. maybe you are right (i don't think so but you are entitled to an opinion), but if you where a business owner right now and had those options like i said, traditional tv, media etc... where you have to lay BIG money out and hope it works, or get an affiliate to do the work for you and only pay them on actual CONFIRMED sales, where you get the money for the product being sold, then you pay the affiliate 1- 2 months later, which route would you take?
  15. it was a question to everyone not just you, and a question you didn't answer. As far as your reply goes then i wish you the best of look with that, for me personally id be spending less time on forums and more time on trying to recover the 50% of hits i'd lost and not on concentrating on a hunch that no one will have a credit or debit card anymore. The only people who won't have credit/debit cards in the future are the people with no money and they aren't exactly your target audience for a carribean holiday are they, maybe you should diversify into butlins (i'm being serious), then i could see a need for what you are suggesting.
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