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  1. Anyone looked into this? Seems to be what a lot of people have been looking for, buy a few rural acres at agricultural prices build a single home on it. Shame it's not in England as well.
  2. I assume that no-one on the list has been offered land yet by the council as until recently the self-build register was only there to gauge interest and there was no legal requirement for the council to actually do anything with it other than maintain one.
  3. A year ago I registered myself onto my council's self-build and custom housebuilding register. At the time it was free to join and just required contact details. I checked recently and there were less than 40 names on the register. I received an email from them and they want me to provide evidence of a local connection and financial resources along with an application fee of £300. However there was this rather interesting part of their email: If they are actually going to sell me a plot of land with PP then it may be worth a punt.
  4. But he referred to the budget, which surely means something related to taxation or spending.
  5. Sajid Javid at the Conservative conference 13:10 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bX-muPl57EA "At the autumn budget, we will bring forward incentives, new incentives for landlords who are doing the right thing" Sounds like there is going to be some tax incentives for landlords who offer longer tenancies or join licencing schemes.
  6. What power does an individual opposition member of Parliament have to affect house prices in his or her constituency?
  7. The first part of her statement makes no sense. How does housing benefit help people get into their own homes? Anyhow, so much for the Tories being the party of home ownership. With an attitude like that I wonder if May will reverse the planned tax rises for Landlords. Does she think a nation of renters will vote for her party, or the party that offers rent control, stronger tenancy rights etc,
  8. If the country votes remain then personally I would pull the trigger and buy. Nobody has a crystal ball. You could be waiting forever for a crash that never comes. Every year that goes by while prices rise 10% is another 10% that they have to fall in the crash to make waiting worthwhile, plus in the meantime you are paying off someone else's mortgage instead of your own. Look at it this way, if you buy now then you can pay off the mortgage and build up some equity and then maybe you can buy someplace nicer in a few years.
  9. So you get to live on a farm for a nominal rent, in exchange for having to work the land. So basically they are looking for a serf.
  10. Commercial property funds are taking a battering: Henderson UK Property
  11. Soviet Union style exit visas. Think it sounds far fetched? We shall see.
  12. Whoever his successor is will sign us up to freedom of movement, just like Norway and the Swiss.
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