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  1. Hi all, In response to your posts, I'm currently training to be a hypnotherapist & stress counsellor (believe me it's helped!!) - I've got a fair way to go before I can earn any money from it, but at least I'll be helping people! As far as dishing the dirt etc, yes, it would probably be an interesting proposition, but I just want to walk away from this whole shi55y & corrupt industry and shut the door on it. Maybe going public would dig up such a big can of worms I'll be getting hounded by men in black - or worse - and I'm not going to put my family through that. (I've been watching too many films I think! :-)
  2. Morning all, I've posted sporadically before, but have always kept up with things in here as, despite some of the more extreme & radical posts and posters, I tend to agree with alot of the bearish observations and forecasts that are made. Anyway, my point is, that I like to think I'm an honest, self employed mortgage broker who has now decided enough is enough and am knocking it all on the head for many reasons (generally because my ethics & moral standpoint seems to be increasingly at odds with what's happening in the financial services industry). The final straw though was an existing customer has been offered £32,000 to leave their lender - I couldn't remortgage them for a number of reasons (adverse credit/ income stretch/ affordability etc) and yet theyve been put on to an "appointed company" by the lender who has magically found a deal for them!!! It's a brave decision to give up because due to the lack of business over the last 18 months I'm struggling financially and am now relying on my savings to keep afloat, BUT, this is the straw that broke the camels back Wish me luck!
  3. Currently self employed and working in financial services, but hating it AND not earning much but also retraining in the field of counselling/ cognitive behaviour therapy and hypnotherapy which is helping to give me a more positive outlook on life.
  4. Either that or there's a surplus of fingers....
  5. A brilliant, well thought out response.
  6. I always like to log from time to time as I've learned alot from some of the more educated, erudite and insightful posters that use HPC - what really f*cks me off however, is the moronic mentality of the few who start threads like this. I've got a wife, family and mortgage, work hard for a living and live within my means. We are struggling to make ends meet at the moment Cheaper house prices are one thing, to wish for job losses and the pain & poverty that that brings is quite another Grow up
  7. The Jam - Going Underground Seasick Steve - I Started Out With Nothing And I've Still Got Most Of It Left The Doors - People Are Strange Talking Heads - Houses In Motion
  8. Mr Yogi, you may have a point, I'm such a miserable fecker these days the desk sergeant probably seems like a viable proposition! In fact, the station cat with furballs probably has a certain charm that is sadly lacking in my demeanour these days!
  9. I'm scared and totally at a loss what to do - at 45, currently working in the mortgage industry and with not much of a pension to my name, the only glimmer of hope was my wife's police pension which (should) give us a nice lump sum and a reasonable income. Will her final salary fund still be there in 10 years time when she can retire? Who knows
  10. Do you know what Freeholder - I have been educated in many things while reading the posts on HPC and I've often thought the same as you. We could all pool our collective knowledge which is probably extremely diverse as irrespective of career paths, many of us have other skills that would be of some use if that knowledge was used in a constructive way. It's obvious that the vast majority of posters are above average intelligence but unfortunately due to different mindsets we all pull in different directions at times despite (mostly) wanting the same outcome. Now, repeat after me, ommmm, ommmm
  11. 45 years old and another honest, thoroughly miserable and extremely poor self employed mortgage broker and occasional poster on HPC. Mortgage £130,000 with unfortunately 20 years left to go due to previous divorce! 3 children in total - Mrs Eggbert in the CiD so in 10 years will commute a big chunk of her very nice final salary pension to pay it off early. I've recently gone into business with a friend in a completely different commercial venture as I can't sustain any kind of income in the current mortgage market AND I don't intend to start committing fraud just to make ends meet. The new venture is going to take a while to take off so in the meantime it really is a very fine juggling act with the finances at home
  12. Hairdresser or anything in the sex industry? As a bald, not particularly well endowed mortgage broker I think I'm f***ed!
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