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  1. Hello thanks for the replies, I know he hasnt paid any tax as he has told a third party who is reliable. He has two flats on a domestic interest only mortgage, he makes about 500 per month profit on each unit, less interest. On the taxis, he rents them out for about 350 per week each. The drivers drop off the cash each week. He purchased them and the plate by remortgaging property. EBF
  2. Yes, he grassed me up for something. Thanks for the info. EBF
  3. Someone I know has been renting out two flats, renting about 3 taxis for the last 9 years, he has not paid a penny in tax. Whats the most effective way to grass him up. Also 1/ Will the tax man be interested in someone who is just not declaring rental income? 2/ What are the sanctions that would befall. Many thanks, Everybodies_friend
  4. from the daily mail..."Buy To Let investors are already picking up the repossessions and that will happen more and more, and soon it will have a visible effect on prices. Ask any rental agent and they have not been busier; this is because there are 000s of people waiting for the prices to reach the bottom. IMHO they have, near enough - the falls have flattened out (cHalifax last week). If you need a home as a 1st time buyer, go for it! Get a tracker mortgage and watch your repayments fall to almost rent levels. Those 1st time buyers who wait will be crushed in the forthcoming stampede and will
  5. Loads of farangs sold up in the UK and jetted off there with hundreds of thousand to live the dream. Buy a big house, new pick up, school for their new girl friends kids. A friend of mine who lives out there and teaches English calls it the retired milk man syndrome. They arrive in town with thousands. They are preyed upon by their fellow countrymen the most. But yes the bar girls are suffering big time, their boy friend base who they like the best are the brits, this is being replaced by russians and indians who they are not that keen on as they are viewed as cheap charlies. EBF
  6. You are right to come back as the situation will only get worse as you said. With little tourists there could be anarchy, flights now are 30% higher than they were last year. I like going to Thailand and business owners there are really suffering, including a lot of the Thai girls who rely on having foreign boyfriends for support. The average wage for an unskilled person there is about 80 pounds per month, yet prices for a lot of things are not dissimilar to the UK. A lot of people moan about the UK, they should see other places then they may appreciate the UK like you obvioulsy do. A f
  7. Good grief, where's that Port au Prince! EBF
  8. Hi mate, why would you want to come back to the UK, it sounds like you have a nice life in the West Indies? EBF
  9. Spoke to my friend yesterday, they havent been paid. I never mentioned partners, she is senior manager there. Why would she lie to me, its utterly absurd for her to lie to me. They have been told that they are going to be paid on the 15 August. Fair point about bonus, but she did say "pay" , also do ML get bonus in July? EBF
  10. I have been here since October of last year, I read HPC everyday. Why can you not accept that this is what I have been told. It will be marvelous when I can say I told you so. I have been a member of HPC longer than you. EBF
  11. I am a civilian worker at Hendon. I have never said I was a police officer. I am not going in to anymore specific details as I dont want to ID my friend. Lets wait and see. But you will be eating humble pie next week. EBF
  12. Sorry I stand corrected, I meant this friday. I wrongly thought this friday was the last of the month. Anyway the woman was told last friday that she will not be paid THIS friday. Lets wait and see, it will be very interesting. EBF
  13. It is true, I am not saying they will not be paid, just that they will be paid later next month. I have spoken to the person and they have re-confirmed it. They were told last friday. This is senior management, i dont know the structure of the company, someone else intially mentioned partners and I clarified that if wasnt. The person who told me has no reason to lie, she is a senior manager there. You say it " It is just not possible, the story is not believable" well I have had it from the horses mouth. You are either out of the loop, or have other motives. EBF
  14. I dont know, she said they wont be paid until a date next month. It is true, just the senior managers. EBF
  15. I dont know the ins and outs, she said that this had never happened before in all her 15 years of working there. She is a manager there and not a partner. EBF
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