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  1. It will probably be replaced by another topic at the last minute, besides which,everybody else other than users of this website, will not take a blind bit of notice, no more than do with any other topic on the programme - teenage sex or healthy eating, there were 2 or 3 programmes of the same nature in 2004. What a difference they made !
  2. If they intuitively *knew* something wasn't right they would type house prices into google. This sight is not hard to find. The bubble will inevetivbly burst although there is life in the old dog yet. This wil take years to play out.
  3. Unlike you then. But they do say a dog always returns to its own vomit.
  4. Surley its too late now, if they have two other offers @ asking price ? They'll have you down as a time waster
  5. Unlike you, Its hard to have a conversation pass you by when you're sat on your own in a corner, innit ?
  6. Oh well, I know loads of 17 yr olds buying houses, dont you ?
  7. Anyway, going back to the original post, If the AVERAGE age of FTB is 35, there will be many buyers more than 35
  8. HOOORAY ! Someone who could be arsed to type what i couldnt
  9. If its your dream house, I would go for it and offer over. I was in the same boat a few months ago, and have regretted it ever since. Whats a few more thousand in house price terms ?
  10. I can read, I just can't make head nor tale of your jumbled up mess. Not sure of the point you're trying to make (If any) Ignorant Steve - yep, says it all. w
  11. You're just tying yourself up in knots now, you suggest age may not be a problem with 20% deposit at current prices, up to age 40. NOWHERE do you state you personally had 45%, although this and the fact you STR are irrelevent. It goes without saying the larger the deposit, the easier the mortgage. What you are saying is as out of context as the word "nonce" If anyone else can see this Jokers point please let me know.
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