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  1. Blimey its been a while since I posted! This seemed an appropriate thread. My views have certainly changed over the years but only in that I have learnt more about what is going on. In 07 and 08 when things went pop I was surprised at just the lengths the government went to to keep things going. In fact I was shocked. But they bailed everyone out and pumped a lot in and bingo....problem solved.....i think not! This is just a temporary bull trap, but yes I was surprised they (the government) could achieve such a thing. Another thing I learnt is how little restraint people have when it comes to
  2. this may explain things : http://www.dailyexpressproperty.co.uk/ I cant believe their an estate agent.....should be a law against this kind of rubbish.
  3. this just shows Browns fixed inflation stats for what they are...until recently we've had huge amounts of cash injected into the economy via cheap credit yet had no effect on inflation due to the selective goods in the cpi basket, now he has they cheek to say if pay increases too high it will have a huge effect on inflation... selling this on to the sheeple as higher 'mortgage rates' whatever they are.....spin spin spin...as usual.
  4. its turning into a party political broadcast for Krusty! its a mix of stuff filmed summer 06, summer 07 and then looks like credit crunch stuff filmed more recently. Desparation.
  5. This guy could be on for taking Krustys crown! this also from the blog on his site:" "Martin's Blog W/C 19th May 2008 It's only Thursday and I've already had another busy and exciting week. Monday 19th May Monday I was filming in Liverpool for the latest series of Homes Under The Hammer. It's interesting that at the auction the properties we were filming came from, only 6 out of over 50 properties sold. That could be due to a variety of things from nervousness of the non-professional investors who had started to frequent the auctions, to unrealistic expectations and reserve prices from s
  6. HBOS sells 13 per cent stake in Rightmove as agents feel the heat http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business...eat-830002.html
  7. Well at least gordys played his hand at last, we all knew he had to have something planned and finally here it is. I don’t think he had much of a choice, as soon as he led us down this path to such a huge debt and house bubble he’s forced to save the banks even if the downside risks to the whole economy are huge.... he cant let banks go bust as the consequences lead to very bad places. I think this move has saved the whole system but will not stave off a hpc. I think his meeting with the bankers was carefully planned as he had to be seen to keep the voters happy, ie. Not bailing out the ric
  8. i agree in some resects that he can only be judged once we've seen how this thing is gonna play out, however he's made it very clear that he's going for the borrow borrow borrow and spend spend spend ideology to keep the economy going. Long term this simply cannot be sustained and is, in my opinion, very far from prudent. If he was really prudent and concerned about the long term he'd of not helped engineer the biggest credit and house bubble in history, merely to gain a short term feel good factor throughout the country and a nice boost to the economy. Also he seem to take credit for all the
  9. so lets recap : morgan- browns soooo good we have nice low interest rates so you should all be happy with the money you made (did'nt you get the sack) kennedy - convert empty buildings in city centers to more flats (cheers charlie, you wanna run that by vince) krusty - if you get rich you wanna live in london. nice tip. (words cannot describe the pain you bring in my life) blears - build build build...and keep building. (just leave....please for everyones sake just leave....leave now....go!) patten - things in the world economy are going tits up (getting warmer)
  10. Is it different this time? i hope so, and do think the crash is still on. I think theres alot to take from todays decision tho. Firstly i think its now fully evident that the boe bases their decisions on short term forcasts / events. They have done this all along, at any time interest rates have changed in the last few years its been on the back of short term data or "suprises" to the economy; spike in oil price, northern rock, weak / strong consumer spending or house prices up/down in the month they make the change to rates. Shocks to the economy now have a big impact on UK plc because we are
  11. todays paper http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/topstories/20...89520-20182764/ this is an article from 2005 http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/topstories/tm...-name_page.html are things different in 2007? i bloody well hope so! credit crunch anyone
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