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  1. All we have on here is data and our experiences. I also know I and a few of my friends are more than ok. I also know the news is about shocking or nobody would be interested. I guess I'm just very sensitive today. Maybe it's just the onset of winter...
  2. Gradually remove all government props, gradually reintroduce sensible lending multiples, residential mortgages to be repayment mortgages so that in 25/30 years you actually own rather than having been a renter, limit the number of residential homes somebody can own and require somebody to be a UK citizen/permanent resident before they can buy. I'd predict that would help with the so called housing crisis.
  3. The mental health issue is concerning. I now know both IRL and on some other forums I frequent of people with fairly serious mental health issues. What I don't know is if the percentage affected is increasing, I'm just getting to an age where those around me are more likely to be affected or whether it's just becoming more ok to talk about it. I hope it's the last two and not the first. The going it alone point is also interesting. In Cyprus the spirit of family and community for the locals was far stronger than what I experience in the UK. As an immigrant it would however have taken
  4. You might be right. The question is would 20 years ago that couple - 2 incomes - have been able to pull a deposit together for a home say 1 hour commute for London in quick time. I'd suggest yes. Great that somebody is getting a good NHS service. I haven't needed to see a GP for years but recently did need a visit. Waiting time = 4 weeks. I could have been dead if it was serious.
  5. Do you work for the government or the BoE? Median earnings in London are currently £38,298. Measured against that are you telling me that £250k is cheap? What about all those people out there who don't have rich parents to help? Should they just rot in squalor... It's not supply and demand. It's an affordability problem. If you provide 'help' props and drop interest rates to the floor prices increase as people will always borrow the maximum. If indeed he is an immigrant (you've jumped to a conclusion) what has that got to do with it? It looks to me that both of them ar
  6. Rant on. An enjoyable life does not have to be complicated nor should it be expensive. To help steer me for some time now I've used Maslow's Hierachy of Needs as a guide: Before we can truly move up the pyramid we need to secure warmth, rest, security and safety. Those that have been complicit (yes I'm looking at you BoE and Government plus BTL landlords who made hay while the sun shone) in making this more and more difficult should hang their heads in shame. We now have this type of rot going on https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-50306994 . So intimate relationships no
  7. At the moment 46% of my spending goes on my rent with a further 5% on council tax. I'd happily spend some of that in the productive economy if rents weren't so high.
  8. I honestly don't know the answers. I generally agree with your hypothesis and certainly agree that it is about more than economics but I see it also create real negatives in practice. For example I quite like it that I can stand in a Tesco queue knowing that the person next to me is very likely to not be carrying a firearm, I quite like it that a person can hurt themselves and not be ruined for life and I quite like that alternate energy sources are being developed because it's right rather than the lowest short term cost.
  9. Oh, I agree with that. I'm not for one second saying we have to become "Spanish" or "Italian". IMHO having spent a lot of time both across the EU and US we are far closer to the EU values than those of the US. It's likely I'll soon be again leaving the UK but if we start aligning with the US that likely will quickly become definitely.
  10. Don't know how much non-direct military involvement they've had TBH but I agree they have not been overt with guns. Doesn't mean they are not aligned with a 'bloc' though.
  11. When we boil it down to values I wonder if we really do. I've seen how easy it is for a person to have their life destroyed in the US via something as simple as an injury. I believe there should be safety net. I've seen the job expectations espoused by US corporations. Life should be about more than selling your soul to a corporation. I believe we have a climate emergency so can't support the US model of just consume it all without thinking of alternatives. Of course our current approach causes other problems which I'm not supporting or hiding from. I'm just saying if I was asked t
  12. I think that makes 6 of us on board now. ? Only a few million to go... We could have started with that and seen how we got on. With time we could have gone in either direction. I believe Switzerland did something similar. They started out in EEA/EFTA (may have even been founding members) but through a referendum left the EEA.
  13. Switzerland has aligned with the EU. They're part of EFTA. They have freedom of movement with the EU.
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