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  1. BCCI were offering a good rate as well. Everyone has heard of them....
  2. Our man Declan on his BBC Breakfast said the deal stumbled because Delta were asked for half a billion pounds in cash, IIRC. Presumably they didn't have it in their piggy bank, then.
  3. Who's doing the screwing here? (Thinking of that poor old lady on "The Truth about Property" the other week).
  4. I don't remember the UK going "bankrupt" in 1913. In or after 1945, possibly...
  5. You just beat me to it! This was the headline on Radio 2 news, both at 10 and 11am today: "house prices down 0.1% on the month...first time this happened for two years"
  6. A local office block near where I work has just been converted to flats. Someone must think people do.
  7. And Liverpool... In my neck of the woods there is an old gasworks, unused. I think the real reason why these sites aren't developed is to do with reduced VAT on greenfield sites. Perhaps someone can enlighten us... Her bill on the matter is up for debate again. Lots of references to it but you have to keep an eye on the dates Thisismoney Also interesting
  8. As hinted at above, it's certainly possible. If you watch the TV you'd be forgiven for thinking it was something new, but a Prof. Bergius got the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for it in the thirties. It wasn't economical to do it, even then, but security of supply overrode this with WW2 just round the corner and the attendant certainty of a blockade. Think of the States now - the move into biofuels has more to do with having secure domestic supplies than "saving the planet". They don't have too many qualms about using coal for this reason. From what I remember, the cost was around $60 per barrel a couple of years ago. So now, it's a definite proposition.
  9. A gut reaction. I was forgetting any BTL rental income! Banks and building societies will give you "growth" in the popular sense, that your money accrues interest. Of course there is no underlying asset that increases (hopefully) at the same time. With a BTL property, if the asset stops increasing in value (property prices levelling off) then you are left with the rental income alone. Looking at Moneyfacts (October print edition), 2Q BTL yields were 6.3% average, less than the 6.9% you could get from the best fixed rate bond. Two thirds of landlords were getting less than 5% yields. Of course this is a crude generalisation, but I would think that some landlords would start having doubts looking at their figures.
  10. The problem with television as a whole - like a series of bullet points, no time for serious analysis. The thing that really struck me - "between 0 and 5% growth", your "opponent" says. This, from an "optimist" as well! I can get more than that in the bank. How many homeowners will realise this and start selling?
  11. Nice one, Jonathan A bit daunting, no doubt. How hot are the studio lights nowadays? Trust the Beeb to put it on a bit later than usual! But it did mean I got to see it. Quick dive for the video remote, managed to record half of it.
  12. I like it. A truly useful contact that you have in the Beeb. The gist of what the guest was saying was that you can compare this current wave of immigration to the UK to similar past waves of immigration to the US - firstly the Irish (coming in the wake of the potato famine), who ended up doing manual jobs, later followed by the Italians, doing a slightly better class of job. We could equate this to the UK - read Afro - Caribeans coming in as bus drivers and nurses, with doctors coming later from the Indian subcontinent. History will no doubt repeat itself with the current wave of Eastern European immigration - the fruit pickers and builders (of popular perception) will be followed by the more professional types. For our purposes on HPC, this means that the effect of immigration is currently greatest at the low end of the market (especially HIMOs) but as time goes on, more will be renting and later buying their own homes.
  13. As I write this there is an American author, Geoffrey Robinson on Radio Two's Jeremy Vine Show, talking on the population/immigration issue. You could find it on their website (the 'listen again' facility): Jeremy Vine Show page
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