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  1. Your Off-Topic-On-Topic post got banned?

  2. don't know how i managed to get a double-post of this. the board is malfunctioning methinks. perhaps the mods could merge the two?
  3. here's another: strange world where hardly anybody i meet has heard of gil scott heron but everybody knows whatshisface.
  4. crikey! i hear you man and i've pasted this into an email to the wife to demonstrate that it's not only me. we are literally disappearing under archaeological layers of children's tat (another layer to be added to in 6 days time). i spent an hour yesterday trying to think up a personal xmas wishlist for her parents. i don't need anything.
  5. i hear he only had one ball too (i think i read it on the bbc website).
  6. "bbc reporting"? considering the status-quo-serving propaganda they regularly put out on contemporary events, what are the chances of them giving us the straight dope on our wartime mortal enemies. and that applies also to court historians. face it, you and i know nothing objective about hitler and the national socialists, nor are we ever likely to.
  7. i did that BKK to Chiang Mai sleeper thing about 10 years ago. it was outstanding, crisp linen sheets etc. i recall thinking it made BR look like some 3rd-world setup. similarly in egypt i took an 8-hour overnight 2nd-class air-con from luxor to cairo in what seemed like 1st-class fold-back airline seats for about £15 return. how can they do it?
  8. "The majority of scientists think they have enouigh evidence", so what? it wouldn't be the first dubious consensus in the history of academe. what's more important is whether there is *significant* scientific dissent from the consensus, which does seem to exist in the AGW debate (despite dishonest attempts to deny/ suppress it) and which clearly does not exist re. smoking causing cancer, the natural selection theory of evolution, heliocentrism and other fallacious parallels to AGW-dissent. in the end it comes down to the quality of the science, which has hardly been discussed in this 86 page thread, even by AGW proponents who claim to understand it but appear instead to prefer appeals to authority and ad-hominems.
  9. yes, innocence like that is so precious (in children). speaking of which, i've lately been reading hans christian anderson's fairy tales to my 5yo daughter at bedtime. i'd recommend them, if you can get a decent translation, as fine literature; a particular example of which being "the emperor's new clothes" as a powerful metaphor perhaps relevant to this discussion. if you recall, the emperor's yarn-spinners benefitted handsomely from his patronage while cleverly creating a consensus in their favour amongst his courtiers by suggesting that any who could not see their magical cloth was either stupid or unsuited for position.
  10. Peter Duesberg is one of the world's leading retro-virologists, isn't he? and how about Dr. Kary Mullis? 1993 Nobel prize winner and inventor of the polymerase chain reaction. which isn't to say they are not wrong, but morons? i think not.
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