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  1. Inflation in everyday living needs, without wage inflation will feel just like deflation. The reason for the squeezed middle argument. That and that alone will make servicing personal debt much harder. Help to buy will bite many a squeezed middle in the ****, regardless if rates normalise or not. If the cost of food/heating/fuel/housing keep going up much faster than wages. Big banks know this, which is why they have tightened their "CHEAP" loan criteria, payday lenders are exploiting it with crazy APR's for those excluded from the QE cheap money. Sure QE has helped the UK shine like a hollowed out pumpkin on Halloween, but that same pumpkin will wilt and die much quicker than one left on the vine.
  2. LOL, C4 News tonight, about families in dept! Single mum of five, plus oldest daughter wants her baby to have a good Christmas. Seems like blatant propaganda to me, few will feel sympathy for a skint family in a big house, nice furniture, complaining the kids will be looked down on if they don't have the latest game for the latest console, that they already own. Hey but now it's a cultural issue! We have a culture of live now pay later. To sort the issue out.... More free MONEY.
  3. So I have received a letter from L&G telling me that I have been auto enrolled. But no detail on the charges at all! No detail of fund performance. No detail what so ever in fact... Anyone know where I can get detail of the L&G Multi-Asset Lifestyle fund performance over the last 10 years?
  4. Last 2x IT posts I had to fill, I got board interviewing really crap graduates who failled even the most basic programming tests! Jobs went to a self taught school leaver (Now studing a degree at OU) and an old/past it AS 400 programmer looking for a short commute and was willing to re-train. Neither moans about having to do work outside thier job role, both innovate and contribute to the team/business. Having a degree doesn't make someone a good worker. Don't knock apprenticeships... many a hard working school leaver is scared by the debt of studying for a degree, and that in my eyes that = common sense (A key skill).
  5. Having actually seen the Olympic site, and knowing the area (from 20 years before) The Olympics has made a very horrible bit of London very nice indeed. The place will be much better than the dank/dodgy old lock ups that used to be there. The work that has been done has transformed the place from the utter s#$1t hole it used to be into something Beautiful! With rail/fuel fares ever increasing I think 2012 was perfect timing for the UK. How it effects London prices is any ones guess, but as for funded public legacy's I actually think this will be one of the very rare good ones.
  6. why did you call this date?
  7. Most sheeple confuse, everyday living expenses with house prices rises....Inflation over the last 12 years only effected one market more than most, But wage inflation isn't gunna happen any time soon...hence the squeezed/deluded middle. You can ask for a cost of living pay rise....to cover you additional costs, but if your employer can't afford it? This is when HPC hits home! BOE given new powers to stop speculative lending = Crash (Because that is what caused the bubble...under supply myth etc etc etc...Under supply is a myth with basic homes costing 7x avg FALLING REAL SALARY!) Inflation in costs, without inflation in wages will feel like deflation = GBP centric retail will get hammered! And with a large %'age of GDP off the back of failing retail...so will GBP.
  8. http://ftalphaville.ft.com/blog/2011/05/18/572046/please-wait-10-months-for-your-aluminium-thank-you/ "All we wants is the precious!"
  9. Just habit really, I like Brit designs and wanted a consistent present for my daughter to show I ha been thinking about it for 21 years, never expected the prices to go up as much as they have. I have this years 21 (I normally buy 25 - 4 for wedding/birth presents) but that's gone out the window at the current price. But next year will be looking for other 1oz coins....IF I can still afford em.
  10. I wasn't after a return! Just a special present that would help her out further down the line... What I didn't count on was the line moving so far..so fast.
  11. Silver Brits 4 years ago @£12 per oz after VAT and delivery from royal mint Now ... http://www.royalmint.com/store/BritishSilver/BR11AGN.aspx Tis a big move ( VAT jumped to 20%)... but regardless that's a big fugging swing!
  12. When I started to buy silver Brits for my daughter 4 year old daughter 5 years ago....I thought £12 per coin was a lot! (Way over spot). but I wanted to buy 21 per year as a special 21st B'day present. To show I had been thinking about her for the last 21 years. http://www.royalmint.com/store/BritishSilver/BR11AGN.aspx The way the price is going....I will need a 2nd mortgage to meet that aim! Now do I stop buying and wait for the crash......or sell up now an use what I have bought as a deposit on a new 911?
  13. Just wait for the next excuse for the BOE not to raise rates. Japan/Oil Spike/Food Spike/VAT increase/Fuel spike...we can air those out for years..... the underlying forces are deflationary and all hang off NIL wage increases = strikes. We will inflate out of this mess, although the smart move to switch from index linking to CPI rather than RPI is starting to look a very floored.
  14. Mortgage lending is about to focus on LTV ratio, sure you got £100K of equity, they will lend. You got , sub 20% Equity.. you will get a quote..but said loan will not materialise. Not without an expensive valuation. It's called "Prudent" lending and it is all the rage. Self certs unless well funded need not apply , and thus the market WILL fall back to credible lending levels...GDP will go with it.
  15. As this is on anecdotal thread... I know of at least 5 people at work demanding pay rises / cars allowances etc. Some have strong cases (aka low pay and good skills) , some are just chancers.. If you don't ask, you don't get types. Will be very interesting to see how the negotiations go. But alot of grumbling, about cost of living etc.
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