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  1. While they owe the taxpayer, no bonus at all or pay rise. Staff in struggling businesses have to make sacrifices. Ask any coal miner when they asked for peanuts in comparison.
  2. I have submitted a petition which is now 'with the number 10 team', if it gets approved it should appear on this list http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/list/open?sort=date This is what i have asked for, please sign if you feel the same. We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Freeze bonus payments to Nationalised or part-Nationalised Banks until all government loans are repaid Submitted by matt price – Deadline to sign up by: 22 April 2009 Category: Economics and finance More details: In the current economic climate many firms are cutting wages, hours and or staff. Troubled Banks which have been Nationalised or part-Nationalised should not be excempt from economic reality. The government should make this a strict condition on lending to troubled Banks in the future.
  3. thanks for the reply Hi not intending to derail, i am interested, even after reading the link i'm still not sure if the BOE lends money at all, at base rate, at LIBOR, or issues OISs? My understanding is, the BOE can borrow money by issuing bonds who's yield is set my the market, commercial banks can borrow money from each other using LIBOR or OIS or other longer term means but not sure if they can borrow from the BOE! Naive question i know. I have heard 'lender of last resort?' does that mean if the banks cannot get the money from each other they can go to the BOE and get the dosh at 3%, whats stopping them? Has this happened? I thought the government has injected cash into the banks by buying shares. Sorry for my ignorance.
  4. Does the BOE actually lend overnight at 3%, why do banks use LIBOR at all if they can do this? If the BOE does not actually lend at 3% but just sets the rate as a guide and the market LIBOR is used for funding then the answer to the OP question is, no one because the no one gets the luxury of borrowing money at 3%. If the BOE does lend at 3% and has to pay 8% on the bonds it issues then we the people will pay. When and how will be determined in the future, but my guess is deferred as more bonds for a good few years then taxes and inflation later.
  5. "I would like to see CPI include house prices in some form," he told the committee of MPs. So house price deflation offsets general inflation, CPI stays low, interest rates stay low, pound tanks, savings don't keep up with general inflation, everyone is worse off. If this happens not even the NS&I index linked savings will be inflation proof!
  6. I'd try the silent treatment, don't have any contact with the agent til they ring you. But if its your dream home and your desperate and you need somewhere to live you might not be able to be so cool. If your going to buy lets say you see 5 houses that you like, put in low offers on them all and someone will bite, see if you can find a distressed seller.
  7. 1.46 with 5 minutes to go then went down to 1.36 with 2 minutes to go, nice info if you can get it!! Also spiked down to 1.1 someone hoovering up all the bets over 1.1 the finished on 1.4 probably a bot placing an automated bet. I think the BOE are going to become the focus of the blame game now, easy sound bites by politicians business me (m & s yesterday for a start) EAs etc.
  8. Betfair 1.46 for no change, the moneys down. No Cange i reckon. edit 1.36 now, someone has a bug in the meeting room
  9. I stumbled across some youtube items on the 'amero'. Don't know if its all hype, seems quite real. Anyone know much about this? At the moment i am of the opinion that 1 US Dollars have to be issued every month to finance its national debt 2 these are issued in bonds and the market set the price 3 foreign investors (china/japan) are investing less in these, reducing demand, reducing price and increasing yield market oracle link 4 as the currency falls and the bond prices reduce, more and more bonds will need to be sold to finance the debt, its a double edge sword 5 the US seem happy with this which makes me think??? wtf are they doing?? could they be deliberately wrecking in the currency, is there a way they could manage to not repay the bonds being issues, can they just say those bonds are finished with now we use Ameros? or could they somehow start the Ameros at 1 for every 100 dollars and then physically print a load of them, firstly devaluing the dollar and then subsequently devaluing the Amero, clever if it works. any other opinions or have i lost the plot here lol.
  10. The CML have some good stats. Total UK personal debt at the end of September 2007 stood at £1,380bn. The growth rate increased to 10.0% for the previous 12 months which equates to an increase of £120bn. Total secured lending on homes at the end of September 2007 stood at £1,163bn. This has increased 10.9% in the last 12 months. Total consumer credit lending to individuals in September 2007 was £217bn. This has increased 5.8% in the last 12 months. Total lending in September 2007 grew by £11.2bn. Secured lending grew by £9.8bn in the month. Consumer credit lending grew by £1.4bn. Average household debt in the UK is £8,681 (excluding mortgages). This figure increases to £20,189 if the average is based on the number of households who actually have some form of unsecured loan. Average household debt in the UK is £55,403 (including mortgages). Average owed by every UK adult is £29,063 (including mortgages). This grew by £350 last month. Average outstanding mortgage for the 11.8m households who currently have mortgages is £98,517 Average interest paid by each household on their total debt is approximately £3,718 each year (this equates to 9% of take home pay). Average consumer borrowing via credit cards, motor and retail finance deals, overdrafts and unsecured personal loans has risen to £4,554 per average UK adult at the end of September 2007. Britain's personal debt is increasing by £1 million every 4 minutes. The whole economy has been boosted by debt, without it we would have had a recession of the past few years. The source of credit is drying up and i don't think the next few years will be pretty. The average of 29k for every adult (working or not) and using the ONS Stats for Economically Active would suggest 30 mln so by my calculation, total debt / economically active 1380000000000 / 30600000 = 45k per economically active person
  11. Got back up to 87p, i think it's going to tank back down to 60p, 81p atm, lets see? Crazy trading.
  12. I wonder if NRs offers they refused were less than 75p per share? I reckon there is value in this share atm.
  13. I think they appear to be suspended when they have Auctions, don't know why they have them but it seems that all buyers and sellers chuck in there shares and the system works out an 'uncrossed price' at the end of the auction a wad of shares trade at that price. You need level II to see this, i'm with ADVFN. Rocketing back up for the moment, i'm still waiting
  14. WOW 61.3 traded, they are having another auction. I'm thinking about buying some any opinions? Don't try to catch a falling knife?
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