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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Mary Wakefield the commissioning editor of the Spectator? You know, DC's missus.
  2. There have been a number of complaints to the Durham police, about then antics of Dominic Cummings. Not withstanding the comments of the ex-Durham police chief. .... The police will be taking stock. No doubt the CPS will be looking at this one quite soon. Watch this space.
  3. So your wife has contracted a deadly virus. What do you do? Stick your 4-year old kid into a metal box enclosed for 5 hours with the same patient and let the vapour circulate. Top parenting! Not.
  4. Back on topic to the COVID-19. I'll throw this one to the scientific/medical members on this thread : what do you make of this? Covid-19: what treatments are being investigated? This one seems to suggest another anti-malarial treatment, this time well-used and worn doxycycline. Well known to many a back-packer. Are people scrabbling around whilst we hope for a vaccine?
  5. Yes. where is Johnson? He hasn't gone on paternity leave has he?
  6. Same again for the Newsnight program last night. It showed all the English printed media with the same propaganda front page, with some luvvy duvvy rainbow on it. What is this? East Germany? circa 1980.
  7. There was the previous UK epidemiologist extraordinaire on Newsnight I think, that said we should have shut down international travel immediately from Italy and China. We didn't. He's enjoying his retirement and can say what he really thinks of course......
  8. Go for a set of hair clippers with the detachable combs. I have a set of Wahl taper 2000. I think they cost me around £60 but it was a good 10 years ago. Not sure if it's still a current model. The cheap clippers aren't very good. As long as you keep the comb on you won't bleed. The worst thing you can do is to miss little patches and leave long strands of hair. You can just keep going over and over until you have everything the same length. It's the comb that ensures that. Don't try any feathering, that's for the more skilled! Much as above. You'll need a wall mirror and a shaving mirror to check your progress. I use a Philips beard/hair trimmer. #4 on top graduated to #1 elsewhere. Start with the higher number and work down the grades. Like all things the more you do it, the better it gets. But I still prefer the barbers. S/he'll do it super neat, at least where I go. Happy trimming!
  9. Among other posters, I brought this up at the time, as it seemed quite spine chilling - from techie websites and plenty other places. So it begs the question : did they really believe they could produce the output of Apple/Google in their Isle of Wight trial with their (possibly) limited resources, or was this just BS to make it look like they were doing something?
  10. If you've been served with a super injunction then you are not allowed to mention that fact. I don't know what the law is now, but the Guardian did once get round it in a smart way during an SJ by Trafigura. I'm sure that loophole has now been closed. Basically, a 'no' then.
  11. Left working with just a bin liner for protection? You might want to read this article .... theguardian
  12. Johnson has delayed his paternity leave until June. I expect the oaf has done so as to avoid the oncoming flak of what's about to happen. Personally I think he's going to let his chinless underlings take the full brunt of whatever storm whilst he swings in his hammock. No delay IMVHO.
  13. I'm sure the nominal demand is still there, but as the Manc VC says, they may want to defer. Plus at the moment anyone can waltz in through UK airports if there are incoming flights. I think they'll have to sort that, because many others have already done so. Will there be UK - China flights soon? Once there's hurdles for the customer, they may look elsewhere. Plenty other countries chasing this $$$ and offering English language degrees (at post-grad).
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