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  1. Independent. Immigration unchecked after Brexit? Shurely shome mishtake?
  2. Bloomberg. May warns the European leaders 'their deal' is dead.
  3. Here. Try this for starters....it's in English http://www.spiegel.de/international/europe/the-mistakes-that-led-to-brexit-a-1240126.html The shambles is making it back into the German meeja after a few months' absence.
  4. Well it's been another eventful day down in WasteMonster. In the unlikely event that there are still some neutral minds in this thread, may I suggest some of you look at the wonderful broadcasts on BBC4/ Open University giving the historical background of why we are where we are. Usually post midnight. This in no way suggests that the propaganda sh**e you get on BBC1/2 is in anyway use to man nor beast. Absolutely the opposite in fact. 😎
  5. ... No its the debt and not the deficit. GDP is circa 2Tn. Debt to GDP is ~90%. Been done plenty times on other threads. Lenders don't provide the government, the BoE just 'prints'. It can auction the debt or just force private banks to hold it. The GFC catastrophe is still very much here.
  6. Britain pulls out of the Galileo Satellite system. So presumably Britain creates one of its own next April. Guardian.
  7. Guardian Clearly if this gets voted in, there will be no no-deal. should May's flim-flam fail to get voted through, then it's up to Parliament to decide what -next. As it should be.
  8. Which says to me that the punters think Maybot could well survive and her deal will get signed off! Nigel Farage to the EU parliament.
  9. Oddschecker giving 5/2 om May's departure in 2018, and evens on a 2019 departure.
  10. Because Parliament has already voted for it, and Parliament is sovereign. And while I'm at it, Parliament can also force the government to revoke A50 if it so votes - according to HMG's own published legal advice. Democracy in action.
  11. HM Government now refusing to release the legal advice on Brexit. Unsurprisingly Keir Starmer is ready for this... The government still trying to subvert parliament.
  12. That Maybot's ego was so taken by Davis' suggestion of a shoo-in electoral majority in 2017, it was too good for her to pass.She failed of course. But then remedied this failure by giving herself autocratic Henry VIII powers. It's the dictator's way ....or the highway..... ......................................................Democracy?
  13. It is with great sadness, that one must announce the loss of one or two of our 48 VONC supporting members - presumed killed in inaction. Dulce et decorum est, pro Brexit mori. Sincerely, Jacob.

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