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  1. Hi latterdaysinner, how would it delay the S21? Tks
  2. Also forgot to add, that when I mentioned that according to the EA that even a small leakage could result in £10,000 clean up costs, he said "shhhushh we wouldn't tell anyone would we?"
  3. I can't edit my post. Just wanted to change the last line to say that the LL was aware that the tank was splitting. He is unaware that there is now a leak.
  4. Hi all, hope you can help. We are shortly due an S21 at the rented property we've stayed at for nearly 10 years. The LL is being vindictive and I've posted the history on another thread. We live in a rural location and have a Kerosene oil tank in the garden. The plastic tank has split and oil has started leaking onto the earth. The LL was notified of the splitting months ago and merely used lashings to tighten the end of the tank! At the time I asked if it would be better to replace the tank as according to the Environmental agency even a small spillage can cost £10,000 to clean up. Fast f
  5. Thanks for all these replies. The latest is that the agent went back to mediate us leaving at the beginning of the year due to the pregnancy and the difficulties my partner has had (remove the distress). However the LL has remained vindictive (I did call him a spineless coward for threatening to evict a pregnant women when she was alone on the drive. I called him a molusc that needed to grow a backbone). As the relationship has broken down, I asked the agency for reassurances that the LL knows he cannot attend the property. Or I will report the LL for continous harrassment. The agency has do
  6. Hi, I believe it is. Is it better for us if it was? If it is not in a protected scheme, does the LL need to move it into one before serving the S21? Tks
  7. I believe the Police have spoken to the LL about our neighbour (they asked me for LL's details). At that time I made them aware that the LL had threatened to evict a couple of weeks before. Immediately after the eviction threat I phoned the letting agency (call recorded) and explained what had happened.
  8. Would this be to give him an opportunity to say no? Tks
  9. Hello all, I'm looking for a bit of advice re: an eviction notice please. From my understanding the LL doesn't need to give a reason. Also, he can't issue the S21 until the end of the month (due rent date). This info came from the letting agency, is this correct? Taking into account of when the S21 can be issued and the two months notice we should be out of the property by the end of August. We have been here 10 years, made some considerable improvements at our cost and never missed a single rent payment, always on time. The LL has over 10 properties owns substantial farm land and houses, th
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