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  1. By any chance did he find his new 'get rich quick' business scheme on eBay.
  2. That would be fine with me. I really can't wait two years and I refuse to rent!
  3. How else do you think he has made so much. Learn a lesson in life, if you want to be rich you have to be a tight git. With regards to telling the strikers to resign, i would have done the same, i mean there's plenty of polish who could do the job at half the price!
  4. Funny you should say that as I am planning to do just that. There's been a 3 bed detached on the market for 174 days in my area. It's had three price drops within that time, from £255K to £249K and now £242K. Also to mention it has no chain. I'm going to go for the kill at £200K.
  5. If only you knew what was really going on in this world.
  6. 10% Drop over three years, now that would be a long wait, certainly one not worth waiting for. I have seen houses being dropped in my area around 5% in 3 months, so if the flows continues in the same pattern should be seeing 10% by March/April.
  7. Certainly good news and have evidence too in my area. Three 3 bed semi's that I am monitoring have dropped 3.5% over night in a posh area that I'm looking to buy one day (at the right time), just checked on rightmove. Nothing is selling, more and more houses are appearing on the market, more and more potential buyers are steering away, more and more of the media are shouting CRASH in everybodies face, more and more mistakes are being made by the goverment, more and more.......................... From here the only way is DOWN! I just hope it speeds up a bit, which is going to happen due to all the more and more's above. I think we are in second gear now.
  8. Best thing is see a solicitor and ask them about the legal terms. They are the best people as the know all the in's and out's. If it can work, then go for it.
  9. They'll try anything! The only fools are themselves!
  10. From cambridgeshire too. Spoke to an EA a week ago away from his work, basically said that they have had very very few sales and although the prices haven't changed in the windows some vendors are accepting 10% below. You can only try, your offer may be accepted or you can wait till everyone knows they are really screwed and save even more.
  11. ^^^^^^^ I think I have answered my own question: http://www.eigroup.co.uk/onlineauctions/ looks like you have to subscribe to view any details though.
  12. maybe a stupid question.................but is there not a website that lists all properties going up for auction
  13. here's another http://www.cheffins.co.uk/propertyauctions/default.asp
  14. Various opinions on this thread.................and thats how it should be, some have it hard others fairly easy. In my working life so far the first job I had meant working your **** off, long hours if needed, sometimes working 48 hours non stop just to put a race car on a track for a ponce to drive around only to crash it again, but that was part of the job and had to be done. The next few jobs, I was in charge, left on the dot, took long lunches, turned up late, chatting to colleagues for hours etc. They knew I was taking the pee, but was getting the work done. Now I'm self employed its different, working all the bloody time with no play, but I'm sure it will come good in the end. With regards to 48 hours being full time, I actually double that now, but if it was working for someone else I would tell them where to stick it.
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