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  1. That also depends on the area, I wouldnt buy in london for example, because I think I would loose money other areas are different
  2. Of course I am not dismissing it, that would be pretty stupid. I also watch the trends and read reports I also think, maybe wrongly that anybody with any influence will do what they can to prevent another crash because of the implications.
  3. Even looking at your own arguments with the trends preceding the last crash. The same trends are likely to show even if there is a crash which there could well be. Do you think they are going to stay low. They have got to recover, it is a bit of a yo yo effect but in general it is an upward trend
  4. No Oracle I am suggesting no such thing
  5. Yep thats the kind of thing and yes I am self employed the oly way to earn good money in this field.
  6. I am an automation Analyst. basicaly a trouble shooter in the automation industry usually pharmacutical
  7. If you are being serious I will take a look at belize
  8. You guys started with the insults. It has calmed a bit now and we seem to be having more of a reasonable exchange except for the odd idiot from your site.
  9. I dont think they will, I think it will be more of a slow down. If they do its a bit of hard luck for me, but I will buy more at the lower prices. They will all eventually go back up, they did last time and they will again. Or do you lot think once they have gone down they will stay down fore ever, despite inflation and the fact that you lot will suddenly start buying increasing the demand. I am not saying any of you are wrong about a crash, only that to me it doesnt really matter. I have lost money before and maybe will again. But I still earn a good enough living for it not to count.
  10. Only about £30K worth and a few film investments
  11. Why would I want to own them. as I only have 50% mortgages I can pay 3 of them off If I wanted to.
  12. Im not likely to. If it happens it will be moved to US offshore using Cyprus as middle ground
  13. Yes all IO except my residential ones.
  14. I did look at florida, but there is too much competition in rental. May buy one as a holiday home but not to rent out.
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